How to Soothe Foot Cramps at Night?

Foot cramps are enough to bring tears to your eyes and leave you helpless if you haven’t yet discovered the best solution for soothing them. Some people experience the crumpling of their toes while doing exercises, foot cramps generally happen when you’re asleep or at rest. Dehydration coupled with an inadequate intake of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are believed to invite cramps more often.

Muscle cramps are also quiet common with athletes who are constantly working out and training for their competitions. However, almost anybody could experience the problem of feet cramps –

sudden, spontaneous and painful contractions of muscles in the feet or legs.


Cramping is largely associated with highly flexible knees or people with flat feet.

How to Soothe Foot Cramps at Night?

Some steps that can help you soothe feet cramps at night are listed here below:

  • Apply Pressure in Front:

    Try to put your entire weight in the front of your painful foot and lift the other feet completely off the ground

  • Walking the Pain Away:

    As soon as you feel it, try walking the pain off gradually

  • Remove Cover:

    If you’re wearing socks, shoes, etc., remove them all for comfort

  • Sit On Your Painful Foot:

    Try sitting down with pressure exerted on the front painful foot

  • Flex Toes:

    Flex your toes to soothe the pain

  • Massage the Sole:

    Massage the sole of your feet with your hands to relax the muscles on your feet

  • Pull Toes:

    Pull your toes back and gradually, to let go of the cramp

  • Apply Heat:

    Apply heat to the area affected by cramps

Tips for Feet Cramps

For immediate comfort you could rely on the following remedies:

  • Drink a glass of water or two
  • Seek medical assistance, if nothing works
  • Rub the sole with a soap bar
  • Drink tonic water before going to bed
  • Eat potassium-rich foods like bananas
  • Include vitamins, minerals and calcium in your diet
  • Apply cold compressors like ice to your feet
  • Litter marbles on the floor and try picking them up with your toes

The trick to preventing feet cramps is –

to stay hydrated and to eat nutritious foods

. Excessive activity or breathing during workout can also lead to cramping. Drink plenty of fluids and if you’re seeking rigorous workouts, do ensure that you do warm-ups and stretch exercises before and after your workout.

Taking care of the feet should also be an important aspect. Wearing the right kind of shoes can also benefit the feet. One should take care not to over-exert the feet. Besides the given tips, one can also do some exercises for better feet. Taking a diet rich in vitamins, magnesium and potassium will also help you fight foot cramps. Cramps are a common occurrence and around 95% people experience cramps at some point of time. The frequency of cramps increases with age. Cramps are usually noticed among older people, however, it can also be experienced by children sometimes. It can be due to an injury, vigorous activity, lack of magnesium etc. Sometimes medicines like furosemide, Talcapone, albuteral etc., can also lead to cramps. Cramps are also observed in people who are trying to come out of substance abuse. Care should be taken to remove the causes of cramps.

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