Fitness Training: 4 Elements Necessary for a Complete Workout

If you are choosing to exercise daily, make sure you include all the elements of a complete workout. Aerobic activity, strength training, stretching exercises and core workout are the 4 elements necessary for a complete workout. These exercises will help you to be fit and carry on with your day-to-day activities with ease.

Four Elements Necessary for a Complete Workout:

The following are the 4 elements necessary for a complete workout:

  • Aerobic Activity:

    Aerobic activity increases the oxygen level in your blood and strengthens the heart muscle. Aerobic activity enables you to do daily tasks such as running, carrying loads etc. You can take up jogging, running, swimming, dancing to get aerobic activity. Doing household chores which require activity also contributes to the aerobic activity

  • Strength Training/Muscular fitness:

    Along with aerobic activity, strength training is also important. Strength training can be done by lifting weights and using resistance machines. Strength training builds lean muscles, tones your body and also burns body fat. Strength training can also be done at home by using hand-held weights

  • Stretching:

    Aerobic activity and strength training can make your muscles contract. Hence, stretching is important as it improves the flexibility of the joints, blood circulation and gives you better posture. Stretching before workout prepares you for exercise and stretching after the workout improves your motion of joints

  • Core Stability:

    Core muscles are the muscles present in the lower back, abdomen and the pelvis. Strengthening of the core muscles is important is it gives you better stability and balance. Abdominal crunches, ball exercises, and other core exercises can be done to improve your core stability

Make sure you include these 4 elements during your daily exercise. Most people get satisfied after getting cardio workout itself. However, make sure you include these 4 elements during your workout to stay fit and healthy.

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