Proper Way to Use Weight Machines

Strength training can be done with weight machines and free weights. Weight machines, although easy to use, can cause injuries. By using them properly, you would have a proper workout.

Weight machines offer the following benefits:

  • Weight machines are suitable for beginners as they provide the appropriate range of motion
  • Weight machines are easy to use
  • Weight machines provide you with the right posture and balance

Proper way to Use Weight Machines:

Here the ways in which you can use weight machines properly:

  • Adjust the height:

    Make sure you adjust the height of the weight machine before you start exercising. Adjusting the height gives you the right posture and helps you to get a proper workout

  • Adjust the weights:

    Every machine has stacks of weight which can be adjusted with a pin. Always check the weight before you use the machine. By adjusting the weight, you would prevent overloading and injuries

  • Do not speed up:

    While using the weight machines, you should be at ease and relaxed. Avoid banging and making a lot of noise while using the weight machines

  • Remember the machine names:

    Remember the name of the weight machines as this will help you while conversing with your instructor and searching for information

If you are starting to use a particular weight machine, make sure your fitness instructor monitors you for correct weight and posture. Weight machines offer lot of benefits, but using them properly will maximize your strength training workout

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