Benefits of Physical Fitness for Adolescents

Physical fitness in adolescence has numerous benefits. Researchers have found that adolescents who exercise are better physically and mentally. Adolescents who involve themselves in physical activity are less likely to use tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc.

When adolescents are involved in physical fitness, they carry this habit into adulthood. Hence, they are more likely to be healthy adults. Parents should make sure their kids are physically active by involving them in sports or other activities

Health Benefits of Physical Fitness for Adolescents:

Adolescents who exercise have the following health benefits:

  • Decreased risk of cancer in adult life
  • Less likely to develop heart disease in adulthood
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis in adult life
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Prevention of obesity

Physical fitness protects the adolescents, especially girls, from osteoporosis in adulthood. Physical activity in adolescence adds density to the bones and makes them strong.

Social and Mental Health Benefits of Physical Fitness for Adolescents:

Being physical fit improves the lifestyle of adolescents. It also improves their self-esteem and social skills. Adolescents who exercise have the following social and mental benefits:

  • They are less likely to use alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • They have less anxiety and depression
  • Better development of social skills and interaction
  • More likely to perform well in academics
  • Have better relationship with parents, peers etc.
  • Have better self-esteem

Adolescents who exercise find it easy to get rid of stress, and avoid tobacco, alcohol etc. Parents should take steps to maximize opportunities for their kids to be active. The benefits of physical fitness for adolescents are numerous and hence, parents should make sure their kids are active.

Therefore, physical activity is very important for the complete well-being of an adolescents. Teens and children are more likely to indulge in bad eating habits and poor lifestyle. This makes them susceptible to obesity. A healthy lifestyle, a sound fitness program and a balanced diet will definitely help your adolescent to improve his personality as well as the health. Also most of the teens are addicted to their T.V sets or computers these days. They tend to become inactive. To make matters worse, they relish fast foods, which adds up empty calories. So, parents should ensure that they children does not become a part of the growing population of obese people.

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