What does Cardiovascular Fitness Mean?

We hear a lot about cardiovascular fitness but many of us are not clear what the term actually means. After all, you cannot really improve your health through cardiovascular fitness if you have some vague idea about the term. So, let’s check what does cardiovascular fitness mean?

When we talk about cardiovascular fitness or cardio respiratory fitness we mean the capacity of our lungs and our heart to supply oxygenated blood to the cells of our body. Cardiovascular fitness also means the endurance of our body to sustain an activity for a prolonged time through enhanced muscular strength.

So, cardiovascular fitness involves strengthening of our heart, lungs and vascular system by supplying oxygenated blood so that working muscles can perform prolonged physical work.

Benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness has various health benefits. It can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat, stress; improve function of body organs, etc, thereby improving general health of our body.

What Type of Cardiovascular Exercise Improve Cardiovascular Health?

Generally, there are two types of cardiovascular exercises that can improve cardiovascular health. These are aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises can include major muscle group of our body to provide sustained energy for a long period of time by increasing the heart and respiratory rate. These include swimming, walking, jogging, etc. Anaerobic exercises are high-intensity exercises that build up muscle strength and power by burning carbohydrate. These include isometrics and isotonics.

In short, improved cardiovascular health can mean improvement of general health of our body. It can mean leading a healthy life through a healthy body and an alert mind.

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