How to Get Rid Of Muffin Top

Muffin top is a term which refers to the flesh hanging out from the top of a pant or a skirt. This is similar to the top of the muffin hanging over the paper casing. Muffin top is caused due to excess fat in the abdominal area. This is especially common when people wear low-rise, hip hugger pants and midriff tops

How to Get Rid of Muffin Top:

Muffin top indicates abdominal fat, which can be overcome by exercising and healthy eating. Abdominal fat can lead to various diseases, hence, getting rid of your muffin top is also a health issue. Here are few tips to get rid of muffin top:

  • Cardio Exercises:

    Cardiovascular exercises burn the body fat, especially the abdomen fat. This is because abdomen has more fat-burning enzymes. Cardiovascular exercises such as aerobic workouts, running, jogging, cycling, and swimming etc., can effectively burn the fat and take away your muffin top

  • Strength training:

    Strength training helps in burning the body fat. Strength training also builds muscle, which can burn the fat. You can do strength training exercises, under a trainer, using free weights or weight machines to get rid of muffin top

  • Eating right:

    Eat right by staying away from high-calorie food stuff and eating healthy. This can help you in losing body fat. Reducing fried foods, soft drinks, foods high in sugar and eating healthy servings of fruits and vegetables can help you to get rid of muffin top

  • Dressing right:

    It is always better to get into clothes which fit you and in which you are comfortable. Avoid tight pants, skirts which reveal the muffin top, instead wear clothes which fit comfortably

Exercising and eating right is important to get rid of muffin spot. Abdominal exercises, crunches, can also tone your abdominal muscles. Hence, by following an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits, you can get into your favorite jeans without the fear of a muffin top.

In order to get rid of abdominal fat, one can follow some abdominal exercises. A few recommended abdominal exercises are:


: Lie on the back and bend the knees. Try to lift shoulders off the ground. Move the ribs to the hips.

Reverse curl

: Lie on the back and bend the knees to the chest. Hips should be on the floor. Simultaneously contract the abdominal muscles.

Leg raise

: Lie down straight and raise one leg off the ground. The same can be repeated with the other leg and then with both the legs. This is excellent for lower abdomen.
Besides these, one can go for abdomen exercises with the exercise ball, bicycle or captain’s chair.

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