How to Get Rid of Fat Calves

Many people who have fat calves are upset because the calves look out of proportion to the body. Thick calves are mostly due to fat and not muscle. So, by reducing your total body fat, you can make your calves slim and attractive.

Spot reduction through liposuction can be dangerous and it should be avoided. To get rid of fat calves, it is important that you do cardio workouts and calf raises every day

How to Get Rid of Fat Calves:

Here are few ways to get rid of fat calves:

  • Cardio exercises:

    Cardio exercises can help you to lose the overall body fat along with the fat at the calves. You can choose activities such as walking, running, working out on treadmill, or swimming etc., to slim your calves down

  • Calf Raises:

    Calf raise exercises can tone and strengthen your calf muscles and give them a lean look. Seated calf raises and single calf raises can also tone your calves

  • Machines:

    There are various machines available which can burn your calf fat. Working out on stepper machine, elliptical trainer, and stationary cycle can make your calves slim

  • Sports:

    Sports which involve the use of feet such as skating, cycling, running can tone your calf muscles and reduce them

To get rid of fat calves, initially you would have to lose body fat. Since, losing fat at a specific place is not possible, exercising daily and eating healthy food can significantly reduce your thick calves. After reducing the body fat, you can focus on getting them toned by strength training exercises.

Diet for fat calves

Following a proper diet will definitely help you reduce not only fat calves but also overall weight. If the salt intake is decreased then we can avoid the water retention. Usually, the water detention takes place in the ankles and the legs. Consuming 2400 mg of salt daily is recommended. Therefore, one should avoid eating too salty foods and fried stuff. Cutting down fast foods from your diet can cut down the calories from your diet. Even the diet colas will do more harm than good for you. Try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to remain hydrated while exercising. You may also include other fluids in your diet.

Massage is also said to reduce fat calves. Go for massage therapy to see the results. So, along with the exercise to reduce fat calves, one should follow a strict diet and massage therapy to get the calves which you can flaunt.

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