How to Get Rid Of Fat Fingers

One’s fingers may look fat because of excess fat or due to bone structure. We cannot do much to reduce bulky fingers due to bone structure. However, if your fat fingers are due to fat, they can be reduced easily.

Losing extra pounds can make your fingers slim. For example, when Janet Jackson found out that her rings did not fit her fingers, she lost significant amount of weight to restore her finger shape. Along with exercising, there are also some hand exercises which you can do to get rid of fat fingers

How to Get Rid of Fat fingers:

Here are a few ways to get rid of fat fingers:

  • Lose extra pounds:

    When you lose extra pounds, you would be losing fat from all parts of your body such as belly, thighs, hands, including your fingers. Since there is no spot reduction, when you lose overall body fat, your fingers will become slimmer. Try doing cardio exercises such as cycling, running, walking, and swimming to lose extra pounds

  • Start Typing:

    Typing is a good exercise for the fingers. You can download typing tutorial software and start typing to get rid of fat fingers. There are also reports that playing guitar can make your fingers slim

  • Hand exercises:

    Make a fist by tightly squeezing your fingers. Now release each finger one by one. Repeating this exercise 5 to 10 times will tone your finger muscles

To get rid of fat fingers, it is important you combine exercising with a healthy diet i.e. you should be burning more calories than what you consume. Exercising will significantly reduce the fat on your fingers. Hence, exercise well for those slim and elegant fingers.

One can also try exercising the fingers using a screwdriver or a door knob. Try to turn both these items several times to get better fingers and wrist. Don’t forget to change hands while doing this activity. Do remember to give proper rest to your fingers and wrists while exercising. You should stop the activity if you feel any kind of pain or strain in the area. You cannot expect to lose fat from the fingers without losing weight from the other parts of the body. Therefore, regular fitness program should be a part of your life. A strict fitness program involves exercises for the complete body, balanced and nutritious diet and proper lifestyle. Once you lose weight from the entire body, you will not only look good but also feel more energized and fit. You can also keep a check on many ailments if you follow a healthy living pattern.

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