Types of Dumbbells

Dumbbells enable you to have a proper strength training workout at home. Dumbbells come in different sizes, types and materials. Dumbbells are used in strength training to increase muscle mass or for muscle toning. Hence, it is important to buy dumbbells based on the type of your workout.

Types of dumbbells:

Here are some of the types of dumbbells which are available:

  • Adjustable dumbbells:

    In adjustable dumbbells, weight plates can be slid to the outer portions of the dumbbell. These plates can be secured with a clip. The weights in the adjustable dumbbells can be increased from 5 to 50 pounds. Adjustable dumbbells are useful if you would like to increase the muscle mass

  • Fixed-weight dumbbells:

    Fixed weight dumbbells are useful for muscle toning. These dumbbells are available in different weight ranges

  • Solid metal dumbbells:

    Solid metal dumbbells are made of a single piece of cast iron and are more durable. Sometimes, these dumbbells are coated with rubber for safety reasons

  • Plastic-coated dumbbells:

    Plastic coated dumbbells are filled with concrete or sand. These are good for lightweight training exercises and may not be durable

  • Aerobic dumbbells:

    The weight of these dumbbells ranges from 2 to 10 pounds. These dumbbells are plastic coated and are useful for aerobics

While buying dumbbells, it is important to consider factors such as type of workout, durability, weight and comfort etc. Traditional cast iron dumbbells last longer and are economical. Adjustable dumbbells are more portable than others. Hence, buy the right dumbbell to have a proper strength training workout.

Benefits of Dumbbell Training at Home

Fitness routines such as body building are a great way to keep fit. But, do not invest in a full-fledged home gym. Dumbbells can give you a great body workout. Even advanced weight lifters and professional builders use dumbbells. Yet another advantage is space. A fully equipped gym will cost you not only a lot of money, but requires a lot of space as well. Dumbbells require much less space and cost very little. Besides, training with dumbbells at home, will save you the time required to drive to and from the local gym.

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