What is Chair Aerobics?

Ever wish for a workout that is of low-impact, but still offering the benefits of an aerobic program? Chair aerobics – a form of aerobics which is totally done on a chair might be the answer. Chair aerobics does not strain your joints and bones, but  it helps in burning calories, increasing blood circulation, and improving muscular strength and tone.

Any exercise which increases your heart rate and exercises your muscles can help you to burn calories and increase the muscle strength-  and chair aerobics does exactly that. This form of exercise is suitable for those with knee problems or physical disabilities. It can be done in a limited space and all you would need is a strong chair.

How is Chair Aerobics Done?

Chair aerobics starts with a warm-up session for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. Arm circling, warm-up exercises for arms and legs, back and shoulder stretches are done. These are followed by coordinated punches, kicks,  knee lifts and abdominal exercises which can increase the heart rate and give you a good cardiovascular workout.

The session continues with strengthening exercises which involve the use of dumbbells, weights, and resistance bands. These can weight-bearing exercises can add muscle tone and strength to your body. The workout is finally ended with warm-up exercises.

Chair aerobics are extremely beneficial for pregnant women, arthritis patients, those who are recovering from surgeries, and people who spend long time sitting at their workplace. People having sedentary jobs can take a few minutes break and do simple chair exercises such as rotation of neck, arms, and shoulders to increase their heart rate.

Chair aerobics is best done in a group under the guidance of an instructor. There also also many home vidoes available which can get you started on a chair aerobics routine.

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