Difference between cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance

Cardiovascular endurance is the capacity of the cardiovascular ( respiratory) system to distribute oxygen efficiently throughout the whole body. Whereas the muscular endurance is the capability of skeletal muscles to do several repetitions of movements over time.

Cardiovascular endurance Vs Muscular endurance

There are five different factors on which cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance can be differentiated. They are as follow:


In case of cardiovascular endurance, it involves performance of an activity, which keeps your heart rate within cardiovascular training zone for a certain period of time. Whereas for muscular endurance, a person must do weight lifting workouts for a set of 12 to 15 repetitions.


Cardiovascular endurance is measured with the help of VO2 max test in a gym. Whereas in case of muscular endurance, measurement is done through measuring the number of repetitions of sit-ups, push-ups etc.


Cardiovascular endurance benefits you with a healthier heart and lungs, low blood pressure, resting heart rate et. Whereas muscular endurance will help you to have a fit body, with more strength, good balance and resistance to injuries.


Cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance both provide with a performance enhancements to the athletes like, swimmers, runners, bikers etc


There is a big difference between muscle endurance and muscle strength. Muscular endurance is the capacity to do several repetitions over time, whereas muscles strength is the amount of force that you are able to make while doing one repetition.

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