Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are a form of physical workout in which one specific muscle , or a group of muscles, is elongated to its maximum length deliberately, so as to improve the elasticity of that muscle and give it a comfortable tone.

Stretching exercises increase flexibility, muscle control, and the range of motion of the muscles. It is the best means to get rid of the cramps in the muscles.

Various Types Of Stretching Exercises For Back And Neck:

Some of the stretching exercise are:

Neck Shoulder Stretch:

Neck and shoulders are those body where people are more liable to accumulate tension. So it is important to maintain flexibly in these parts. It is for the same reason that stretching is necessary for these part. For stretching out your neck you must rotate it in to and fro directions. Make sure you do not overdo it as your neck is a sensitive part it can get sprain. Similarly for stretching your shoulders, stretch out your hands and rotate them in both clockwise and anticlockwise wise directions.

Back Stretches:

Back carries the entire weight of the body so it is very necessary for you to carry out the stretching of your back. The stretching of the back can be performed in to parts as upper back stretch and lower back stretch. For doing the upper back stretch, just stretch your hands and tie them together in the front and raise your toes to put the weight of the body on your toes. Stretch your hands in the forward direction to its maximum. This is the best workout for your back and legs.

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