Benefits Of Skipping

Skipping is a simple exercise which can be easily done by anyone, anywhere. There are a number of benefits of skipping regularly. It increases the cardiovascular activity, increases the muscle tone, helps in weight loss etc. In this article we will be discussing some of the benefits which are associated with skipping.

Benefits Of Skipping:

Some of the benefits which are associated with skipping include:

  • Skipping with a rope is beneficial for weight loss. If you skip continuously for one hour you can loose up to 1000 calories. So this exercise is best for calorie burning.
  • This exercise can be carried out very easily. It does not require any assistance to learn it. The best part is that it can be carried out anywhere you get space. It does not require a special area to do it.
  • It initiates coordination between your hands and your feet to complete the entire process.
  • Skipping develops stamina in your hands and feet and also helps in strengthening the bones of these parts.
  • This exercise enhances the flexibility and also helps in improving the posture and balance of the body.
    It helps in toning the muscles of the legs, arms and abs.
  • The exercise with skipping increases the cardiovascular activity in the body. It is due to this reason the circulation of blood increases which in turn rejuvenates the entire body.
  • If the growing children skip rope regularly then it is very helpful in increasing their height too. Actually, while skipping the muscles of the entire body are stretched, which increases their size. This also increases their height.
  • Regular jumping using skipping rope also increases the calcium content in the body, which prevents conditions like osteoporosis.

The Stats Of Calorie Burn While Skipping – A Benefit Of Skipping:

The calorie burn during skipping has been measured as:

For 10 minutes session:

Turns: 60 – 70 per minute at a slow rate,
Calorie Burn : 70 calories in women and 100 calories in men

For 10 minutes Session:

Turns: 80 – 120 per minute at a faster rate,
110 calories in women and 150 calories in men

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