Steps Aerobics

Step aerobics is a new technique and version of aerobics. Traditionally the aerobics were performed on the floor which basically comprised of the four steps two were taken in one direction while the other two were taken in the other direction. The steps were combined with the gesture of the arm which increases the movement of the muscle largely and also increases the fat – burning sequences.

Basics Of Steps Aerobics:

The two basics which are associated with the step aerobics. They are:

  • Step Aerobics: Leg movements
  • Step Aerobics: Arm Movements

Step Aerobics: Leg Movements:

These movements comprises of:

  • Basic Movement:

    In this step you have to raise one step of the leg up and the other down. You can also use various movements of your hands along with the foot step.

  • V – Shape:

    In this exercise you have form a shape of V. For doing this just open one step wide open and then bring it close. Then open the other feet and bring it close. Thus making a V.

  • Alternating Basic:

    In this exercise raise one of the foot up and then tap with the other one closer to the raised foot. Repeat the exercise with the other foot too.

  • Alternating V – Shape:

    This exercise is similar to the alternating basic. The only difference is that here you will have to wide open one of your feet and then tap the other foot near to the previous one. Repeat the exercise with the other foot too.

Step Aerobics: Arm Movements:

These movements comprise of:

  • Bicep Curls:

    In this exercise your elbows must on the side of the trunk and the palms facing upwards. Now folding your elbows try to bring your palms towards your chest and then return back to the sides again.

  • Hammer Curl:

    This exercise is very much similar to the bicep curls the only difference is that both the arms are facing are facing each other rather than facing in the upward direction. The movement of the hands will be done by alternating the movements of hands.

  • Triceps Kickback:

    In this exercise the arms are on the sides and the elbows are bent slightly and placed just behind the shoulders. The palms should face the body. Now try to extend your hands in the backward direction and then return back to your original position. This exercise can be done by pressing both your at the back at the same time or alternately.

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