3 Ways to Stop Being a Couch Potato

The state of being a couch potato is an unhealthy condition that plagues many around the world.

You go to work or school all day, come home tired, and collapse into the welcome embrace of your couch or recliner. There you sit for hours, flipping through television shows that you don’t even like, munching on potato chips and following them with a soda.

The process of being a couch potato is a difficult one to break, but one that you must if you have any intention of being healthy and fit. Being lethargic puts on unsightly fat, weakens your muscles and mind, and makes you depressed. Here are 3 ways to kill your bad habit and stop being a couch potato.

1. Regulate the Television

Limit yourself to one television show per day. Turn the TV on when it starts and turn it off promptly afterwards. If it helps, most televisions have a timer you can set to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time. TV is one of the biggest draws to being a couch potato. It entertains you and lets your turn off your brain for as long as you want. Removing its appeal can be enough for some people to get up and be productive with their lives.

If you want to be a little more extreme, you can turn off your cable or satellite service, severely limiting your choices. This is great not only because it removes the temptation of television, it can also save you hundreds of dollars a year.

2. Use Your Time Wisely

If you really can’t tear yourself away from the television, you can at least multitask and make the most of your time. A good way to do this is to exercise while your favorite shows are one. There are many safe and easy workouts that you can do without any gym equipment. Try stretching, crunches, pushups, and lunges, to start. Alternatively, you can get a pair of dumbbells to lift, jump rope, or use an elastic rope for resistance training.

A common way to exercise in front of the TV is to exercise with very high intensity during commercial breaks, then rest when the program is on. Keep track of how many you can do of each during an average break, and try to improve yourself a little every day. Alternatively, you can work out at moderate intensity during the show, and use the commercial breaks for rest.

3. Find a Hobby

Probably the best way to stop being a couch potato is to find something else that you’d genuinely rather be doing. There are many such activities, depending on what you’re interested in. Those that keep you active are best.

Here are a few ideas

  • Playing some kind of sport recreationally is a great idea.
  • For some people gardening is not only time filling, but refreshing and rewarding.
  • Take up cooking and learn how to cook delicious, healthy meals.
  • Get a pet and train it and play with it. You’d be surprised how fun and exhausting keeping up with a dog or horse can be.

Your hobby doesn’t have to be high intensity or anything; as long as you’re not munching chips on the couch, anything is good.

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