Sports Drinks vs. Water: Sports Drinks Benefits and Disadvantages

There are arguments on both sides of the sports drinks vs. water debate.

There are some useful facts that you can use to make your own decision about which fluid suits your needs.

Sports Drinks vs. Water: Sports Drinks Advantages


Sports drinks contain a lot of carbohydrates in the form of glucose, or sugar. This provides a boost of energy and moral bump.


These are necessary for many body functions and to keep hydrated. Sports drinks contain a lot of common ones, such as sodium, as well as more obscure ones, such a potassium and magnesium. Those that contain higher amounts of sodium are preferable, because they are absorbed quicker and maintain fluid balance in the blood and muscles better, says


The high sugar, salt, and acid content of sports drinks, make them very tasty. You wont want to stop drinking until you’re well hydrated, says

Sports Drinks vs. Water: Sports Drinks Disadvantages


If you accidentally spill a sports drink all over yourself or something else, it will create a sticky, unpleasant mess.


A sports drink might be reasonably priced, but if you buy several a week over a long time, it can really add up.

Slows Hydration:

Because there’s so much other stuff in sports drinks your body has to metabolize, it can slow down the rate at which your body absorbs water.


As sugary, salty, acidic beverages, sports drinks aren’t particularly good for you. If you’re a healthy athlete, this probably isn’t a problem. If you’re not, maybe you should try to focus more on water.

Keep these things in mind and it’ll help you make the right decision when choosing between sports drinks vs. water.


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