Sports Drinks vs. Water: Water Benefits and Disadvantages

Sports Drinks vs. Water

We all know that staying hydrated is important, especially if you’re physically active. But what’s really the best for physical performance: water or sports drinks?

Purists insist that water is all your body needs, and that sports drinks are unnecessary or even harmful. Others argue that the additions to water in sports drinks boost energy, ability, and help prevent dehydration.

Much of it depends on the kind of exercise you’re doing, the length, your diet, and your physical characteristics.

Sports Drinks vs. Water: Water Advantages


Water can be gotten out of a tap, and you can drink as much as you want for a few cents at most. If you buy bottled water, it can be expensive.

Fewer Calories:

Water has zero calories, which is a good thing if you’re trying to lose weight.

Highest Hydration Potential:

Drinks with other things in them, especially glucose, can slow the rate your body absorbs water. Drinking straight water eliminates this problem. As your activity level and perspiration increases, your daily fluid intake should also increase by 12 to 20 ounces, says


Water can cool your body from the inside by consuming cold water. Also, water on the skin feels great for cooling purposes after a workout or on a hot day. If you are exercising in the extreme heat or the extreme cold, and you are dehydrated, you increase your risk of a heat or cold related emergency, says

Sports Drinks vs. Water: Water Disadvantages


Since water is so bland, it can be hard to motivate yourself to drink the amount necessary to stay hydrated.

No Electrolytes:

Electrolytes are an essential part of hydration and many body functions. They’re also necessary to sweat, which keeps you cool Water has none, or very little.

No Carbohydrates:

Water can’t provide you with any energy on its own.

Keep these things in mind and it’ll help you make the right decision when choosing between sports drinks vs. water.

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