Advantages of Doing Large Trampoline Workouts

Having a big round trampoline in your yard might seem immature and childish because it looks more like child’s play than exercise. But large trampoline workouts are incredibly effective exercises, and are gaining popularity. Here are some of the benefits of large trampoline workouts.


Large trampolines are deceptively cheap. Though they are still likely to be costly, you can get a good standard trampoline a lot cheaper than most gym machines.

Fat Burning

It might not seem as though you use a lot of energy just bouncing up and down, but you do. Try jumping on a trampoline actively for half an hour and see how you feel, you may barely be able to move your legs. Trampoline workouts also help you burn calories, comparable to some of the most intense workouts. Soon you will be on your way to burning off your excess weight by bouncing around!

Muscle Building

Even though it is largely an aerobic exercise, you can still build impressive muscles using the trampoline. In particular, your legs will see the most changes as well as your core, which is working hard to stabilize and balance you throughout the trampoline workout.


In order to use the trampoline, you need to have good balance. If you do not have good balance now, no need to worry. You will build it quickly once you start hopping, twisting, and rolling around on your trampoline. The great thing is if you fall you bounce right back up!

Medium Impact

For those with weak joints and bones, a large trampoline can be just the thing. Because of its elasticity, you do not jar your joints or bones. You can still exercise your muscles and cardiovascular system while minimizing stress on your joints.


Bouncing on a large trampoline is, simply, an absurd amount of fun. There is nothing that can beat that moment where you hang in the air several feet above the trampoline utterly weightless. Then, you hurtle back towards the trampoline, which bounces you right back up again. Since it is so much fun, you will not want to stop!
Jumping on a large trampoline does not feel like a chore like many other exercises. It is much more entertaining and fun and you will look forward to it. People are much more likely to continue an entertaining activity than a boring one.


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