Benefits of Ballet Exercise


Many people know about ballet only for its artistic purposes. But ballet is also an extremely demanding and rewarding fitness activity.

Ballet exercises can benefit anyone, regardless of their physical shape. Many people, especially men, overlook ballet as a workout option because it is associated as being “girly” or “wimpy.” However, many professional athletes, including football players, fighters, and track stars, have used ballet to develop strength and control. Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to ballet than pink slippers and classical music.

Benefits of Ballet Exercise

Strength Building

Ballet exercise does not involve intense weight training. Nevertheless, if you examine the body of anyone who has been doing ballet for a while, you are likely to find a finely muscled machine. Leaping through the air and holding your body in incredible positions is very demanding.

Use all Muscles

Typical workouts only work certain muscles and generally leave some overlooked. Ballet uses every muscle you can think of, and even some you never knew you had. Ballet exercise tones your entire body at the same time, instead of individual parts.

Calorie Use

You do not see many fat ballerinas for a reason. The physical demands of leaping, twirling, and holding a pose are high. Calorie burning can be as high doing ballet as any other vigorous cardiovascular exercise.

Body Control and Balance

Ballet exercise demands complete body control more than anything else. You need to be constantly aware of everything your body is doing at all times to insure that you are doing the movements correctly. Everything from the angle of your elbow to the position of your toes has to be exact to attain perfection. This kind of control also requires a deep sense of balance and stability. You will find this control to be useful not only in ballet but other sports and everyday life.


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