How to Exercise for the Perfect Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure is often idolized as being the ideal figure for a woman. It implies that a woman should, literally, resemble an hourglass. This means having a wide and impressive bosom and butt with a relatively narrow waist. Reports differ on the “exact ratio” for the perfect hourglass body. Here’s how you can work out to get your perfect hourglass figure.

The Waist

The hourglass figure has three dominant parts: the chest, the bottom, and the waist. We’ll start with the latter. Achieving a narrow waist can be very difficult, but it’s worth the effort. Having a slimmer waist accentuates the rest of your body.

There’s really only one way to slim it down; exercise and diet. Because the body burns fat from all over when you exercise, it will slim down your waist as well as tone the rest of your body, which is great. The best thing for your waist is to do highly intensive aerobic exercises, which burn the most calories. Coupled with a healthy diet, this will have you well on the way to a narrow waist.

The Hips

Women can build large amounts of muscle on their lower bodies. If you stick to the abdominal exercises to give yourself a smaller waist and build your glutes and hips, you can achieve an hourglass figure, says You can also do strength training workouts for these areas, in addition to normal cardiovascular exercises, says Women’s Health Magazine.

The Chest

This might be the hardest area to make a huge difference on when trying to gain a hourglass figure. You can achieve a natural lift to the breasts by exercising your pectoral muscles, the ones beneath your breasts. As the pecs grow, your muscles push your breast outward, giving them the appearance of being larger. Exercise also makes your breasts firmer and perkier, causing them to stick out more.


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