Running Suicides

What are Suicides?

Suicides are a notoriously difficult and punishing exercise sure to exhaust even the hardiest athlete in no time. They involve running back and forth at varying distances. Suicides burn massive amounts of calories and have many benefits.

How do you do them?

Part of the beauty of suicides is that they´re incredibly simple. You´ll only need a wide stretch of open running space and some way to mark off distances.
  • 1. Mark off your desired distances. You can do as many as you want depending on the desired intensity. Usually, you want to place them fairly close. A good example is to place a marker at ten feet, twenty feet, fifty feet, and a hundred feet. You can also vary the distance depending on the workout you´re looking for.
  • 2. Line up at the starting lincine.
  • 3. Run as fast as you can to the line of the first marker.
  • 4. To insure that you go all the way, lean down and touch the line with your hand.
  • 5. Spring back to your initial srarting position. Also lean down and touch this with your hand.
  • 6. Run back to the next marker and repeat the previous steps until you´ve gone past all of them.

Benefits of running suicides

Suicides effect two primary muscle systems: your cardiovasculars and your fast twitch.
  • Cardiovascular system. This is the system that handles your endurance and speed. Running like you do in a suicide will do wonders for both. After suicides, a long run will seem like a walk in the park.
  • Fast twitch. This system handles your acceleration and explosive power. The constant stopping and starting involved in suicides will build your fast twitch abilities tremendously.
  • Other benefits. Besides building these two systems, suicides have many other benefits as well. For instance, they burn a tremendous amount of calories and, by extension, fat. They help build coordination and balance, as well as agility. Finally, they provide a mental toughness that is difficult to get anywhere else.


You should tailor your suicides to your personal needs. You can do this by changing the distance of your markers. Shorter distances lead to more fast twitch power, while longer ones contribute towards better cardiovascular strength. For instance, if you´re a basketball player it makes more sense to practice lots of quick, short sprints. Alternatively, if you´re a soccer player then you should focus on longer stretches to simulate the longer runs a soccer player does.

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