Is It Good to Workout Everyday?

Is It Good to Workout Everyday?
Many trainers, both beginners and pros, still ponder at this question “

Is it good to workout everyday?

” Well the answer is yes and no. You can do cardio exercises to lose or maintain weight everyday as long as you change the exercise mode every three days. For example, if you love swimming as your form of exercise, try jogging or cycling after three days of swimming.

Why Should You Change Cardio Mode?

  • Your body can adjust to the same exercise and hence, you do not get a good workout as intended.
  • Spicing up your workout routine makes exercising interesting. This motivates you to stick to your workout routine.

Now back to our question “

Is it good to workout everyday?

” No, you should not workout everyday if your intent is to build muscle. You should give your body a day of rest from weight lifting before exercising again. For instance, if you lift weights on Monday, do rest on Tuesday and then resume your workout on Wednesday. This is why it is advisable to do muscle training three days in a week; Monday,Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Why It is Good To Lift Weights Thrice in a Week?

  • Muscles grow during the resting period. Therefore, you need a day of rest in order to allow them to grow.
  • Recovery time is good for your body to repair worn out tissues. This enables you to resume training when you are fresh and hence, workout effectively.

I believe that your question “

Is it good to workout everyday

” has been satisfactorily answered. Now all you need to do is to determine why you are exercising and lose weight or build muscles accordingly.

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