Cycling Vs Running

Cycling and running are both good exercises for burning calories and keeping you in shape. To determine which one is best for you consider which one best fits into your lifestyle, as in order for the exercise to be effective it needs to be done consistently. You could also look at the total calorie burn, injury risk, and how best each type of exercise fits your personal needs. Now, let’s get down to the real issue ofcycling vs runningand let you decide the winner!

Cycling Benefits

  • Cycling is a low impact exercise which is easy on your knee joints, ankles, and back which might be particularly good for obese and overweight riders and those with back and joint pain.
  • You can burn about 177 calories by riding for thirty minutes at 10 mph.
  • In regards to the relative benefits of cycling vs running, cycling improves your balance and endurance as you learn to balance on the bike in order to ride, whereas running recruits fewer muscles into the process of maintaining balance.
  • You can cycle within the comfort of your own home on a stationary bike or outdoors on the roads and in the park.
  • Many people find cycling fun as they can travel large distances. As peopletravelthey experience a range of different sceneries that encourage them to ride further.
  • You can easily incorporate cycling in your daily life. You can ride to work instead of using a vehicle. With this you can burn lots of calories every day, improving your health and cutting down on transport costs.
  • Withacycling vs runningworkout you train the core, back, chest, triceps, and lower body.
  • Cycling is also more responsive to changes in load, for example by carrying weights wrapped up in a backpack, with more energy being burnt with an increase in load due to lower delta efficiencies.
  • You can burn more fat running as opposed to cycling. By running for an hour at 8 mph, you burn 1,200 calories.
  • Running requires less investment in terms of equipment. All you need are running shoes and you are good to go.
  • Running enables you to navigate all kinds of places that a bike will find hard to go, allowing you to add intensity to your workout.
  • Treadmill running can be done at home as an alternative to outdoor running and it burns the same amount of calories.
  • Running works all the leg muscles, abdominal muscles, and biceps if you also pump your arms.

Running Benefits

The battle ofcycling vs runninghas ended and I know you will have decided on a winner, but it will do you good to remember that both exercises are good for health and weight loss and by doing a mixture of both you could have the best of both worlds.


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