Anti Aging Exercises

Aging is a universal process. As you grow old the metabolism and body functions and cells of the body begins to slow down. Since the process of growing stops the secretion of growth hormones also slows down. As the growth hormone slows down the rest of the body also slows down. How to catch up the speed and prevent the process of aging ? By Exercising and being active is the ultimate solution to slow down the process of aging. Aging is nothing more than a disease state. Aging begins with death in cell and decrease in growth hormone level by 14% by age 35. The other factors like poor diet, stress, pollution also contributes to degeneration. By 45 almost 25% of fall in hormone level is observed. Sign and symptoms of aging as decrease in vision, graying of hair, pigmentation and decreased strength and energy etc. hormones play a vital role in aging process. And further with increase the condition declines and gets worsened.

Anti Aging Strategies and Exercises-


A consistent exercising program is the ultimate solution for anti aging. Researches have shown people who get on and stick conscientiously to their exercise regime tends to live longer, more active, happier life. It is imperative what kind of exercise program one should follow and accordingly the program will be tailored to suit lifestyle and physical needs. Usually the anti-aging program consists of three kinds of exercises: cardiovascular, flexibility related and strength oriented. The cardiovascular exercises will keep the heart healthy. These consists of aerobic and aquatic exercises. Simple walking, jogging etc and they build up the internal system. Exercises incorporating stretching and flexibility training for joints and muscles increases endurance and builds up strength. They further prevent loss of muscular strength and improve bone mass index. They also stimulate the growth hormone to produce hormones, to rejuvenate the cells. Exercises keep the muscle strength and the tissues will stay stronger. The muscle will gain strength, flexibility and coordination. Obesity can weaken the bones and muscles. This dis-function will increase the aging process. Fix an exercising program and make it a practice to exercise for 45-60 min every day.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet for ant aging should consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in a ratio of 2:1:1, fruits and vegetables are good source of carbs. Consume protein from plants in form of beans and tofu and reduce its consumption from meat. Unsaturated fat from nuts and olive oil is recommended. Gorging on junk and eating big meals should be avoided. Take small 5-6 meals entire day and on excess cravings a piece of fruit is suggested. Aerated drinks and refined sugar is a strict no no.

Stress Reduction

Increase in stress leads to increase in level of cortisol, which accelerates the aging process. For stress reduction meditation, music, yoga, tai chi, trekking, biking, cross country jogging, hydrotherapy and aqua aerobics are advocated.

Hormone Replenishment

Hormone replacement therapy can be worked out by focusing on human growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1. When this Hgh is replaced in body there is reduction in wrinkles, hair growth increases, energy and vitality gets perked up.