Benefits of Jogging

Jogging is considered as one of the excellent exercise programs and has tremendous benefits. Considered as one of the forms of aerobic exercises that can be done independently without anyone’s help. One can use it for an excellent physique, and toned muscles, it keeps the heart rate stimulated, alleviates stress and diminishes numerous aging problems. The capacity to work and active participation in life gets increased. The energy level gets boosted and one can stay fit by burning good amount of calories. It is recommended for physical conditioning of entire body as it guarantees the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. The benefits are so many that it is considered as a wonderful stress reliever and uplifts from depression as well.

It keeps one more bouncy and resourceful, as it improves stamina and resilience. Running decreases the chances of osteoporosis and other arthritis problems as it increases the bone density. A brisk walk or light jog around the neighborhood or in the park everyday has tremendous health benefits. A large amount of calories can be burned in lesser amount of time than any other exercising routine. The amount of calories burned depends on individuals and also on the duration spent. Heart problems can be prevented with regular jogging routine. The blood is circulated well in the entire body and the respiratory system works well. The digestive system speed also gets augmented thus the chances of any digestive problems are lessened.  Jogging helps in burning fat thus assisting in losing weight. Jogging can cut down the obstinate fat of the stomach.

Jogging perks up appetite. It also fortifies and strengthens the muscles and bones of abdomen, back and legs. Jogging facilitates good and sound sleep. If done properly without over-training or exhausting oneself, jogging gives immense pleasure mentally as well as physically.

Once decided to kick start with an exercise program, check with your doctor especially if you have a medical history. Any exercise program should be started slowly with a warm up sessions and stretch ups, gradually picking up the fast pace. Jogging is fun, relaxing as one can enjoy the nature’s scenic beauty while keeping their Ipods on. In this way one can spend some quality time with oneself or also can accompany family or friends along with them. Jogging outside gives more enjoyment than inside gymnasium.

Jogging can be done in a number of ways. it could be long distant one that could be done at moderate speed, the short distance can be covered at a much faster pace, or one can choose to jog at a steepy or hilly terrain. To change from the regular routine one can opt for different route or different terrain, this will give a choice to explore new vistas of nature without getting bored.

Now, we know how important jogging is for us. Let us see how we can jog properly.

  • Start jogging at a slow speed.
  • The knees should be raised with every step.
  • Try landing on the heel.
  • The arms and hands should be relaxed and bent at 90 degree.
  • Try to swing the arms while jogging.
  • Left arm with right leg and vice versa.
  • Keep breathing deep.
  • The head should be up and straight.

Tips to keep in mind while jogging

  • Always set realistic goals.
  • Face the traffic while jogging.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Warm up before jogging and cool down after it.