Benefits of Swimming

One of the excellent forms of exercise is swimming. Swimming is the only kind of exercise that works on the entire body, it develops the cardiovascular condition in a positive way, strengthens muscles, improves stamina and fortitude, posture and flexibility of the body. Oxygen is transmitted in the body and blood flow is smoothened in more effective way without putting stress on the heart.  Also a good amount of calories can be burnt in a playful way.

Swimming Strokes

– Breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, butterfly are some of the common strokes in swimming. Apart from this one can, make use a number of equipments to add interest and enhance swimming techniques. These are kickboards, pull buoys, fins, flippers, hand paddles, gloves, water dumbbells, noodle, aqua jogger, water treadmill etc.

Benefits of Swimming are: –

  • Body Conditioning-

    Swimming tones up the entire body as majority of muscles are used in this kind of exercise. Each and every part of hand and leg muscle is put into use.

  • Low Injury Risk

    – The physical properties of water and buoyancy acts as an up thrust force that helps the body to float. A body weighs 1/10 th in water and hence there is no stress on bones, joints and tissues. The chances of injury are cut down, as it is safe even when rigorously worked out.

  • Low Impact Exercise

    – The impact is low and benefits many, because of these elderly persons, pregnant women, patients with arthritis can also indulge in this kind of exercise. Among arthritis patient’s movement in water reduces the stiffness and pain, easing them conditions to move.

  • Blood Pressure-

    The chances of stroke and cardiovascular diseases are reduced as it controls high blood pressure.

  • Stress Reduction-

    A great way to relieve stress is by indulging into water sports and aerobic exercises. The meditative and healing properties of water can be made good. People of all age groups love to play in water.

  • Helps to Build Muscle Mass

    – Studies have shown that the muscle mass gets build up if continued for a longer period of time.

  • Beat the Summer Heat

    - A wonderful way to relax among the even, rhythmic waves in a hot day summer. It is a popular family affair when the whole family comes down and enjoys a cozy afternoon or evening along the poolside.

  • Burns Calories

    – In most of the weight reduction classes swimming has been incorporated as one of their programs. Large amount of calories can be burnt, with correct way of swimming. Overweight and obese people can make a lot by involving in water exercises.

Tips for swimming-

  • In order to improve your swimming technique, align your body in a straight line. Timing of breathing, position of the head, movements of hands and feet and kick establishes the extent of swimming.
  • In order to reduce boredom one can make use of a number of water equipments and alternate the strokes of swimming.
  • A general warm up and stretch session before and after swimming is suggested, this improves swimming and relieves the muscle.
  • Hydrate your body properly before and after workout, as the body is subjected to be dehydrated during working out in water.