Best Time to Exercise

It is a universal fact that exercising is good for health. But have you ever given it a thought that which is the best possible time to exercise?

Scientists have proved that the circadian rhythm that our body follows,also regulates the metabolism of our body. The environment in which we live and move has a major influence in contributing to these. Studies have proved that when the body temperature is relatively high, exercising is more fruitful. Where as when the body temperature is low the session is least effective. Hence working in afternoon hours can be more optimal than in the earlier part of the day. There is more vigor and vitality in body, flexibility is more, palpitation and blood pressure are comparatively low. Most of the people have the practice of exercising in morning hours.

A major chunk of the people prefers working out in the mornings on account of little or no disturbance and less pollution.  It’s easier to begin the day with exercising as it keeps the people energized and active enough for the entire day. The other schedule of the day can be attended without any interruption; also the stomach is empty which is one of the priorities in any exercising program. However there are other disadvantages too. But researches have proved that people are more susceptible of cardiac problems that work out in the mornings. Hence it suggested for a good warm up before working out. The muscles are stiff are more vulnerable to injury. Also it becomes difficult to work out so early if a person has suffered from insomnia the last night. And getting up early the next morning is nothing less than cumbersome task.

Scientists recommend working in the afternoon as the best but it is however not practical, due to working hours and other schedules. Make it a point that you workout before the lunch and not after having your afternoon meal. However a brisk walk or light exercises are good as the temperature is high, the hormonal levels are at the peak with a good flow of blood circulation in the body.

Some others prefer exercising at evening hours. Lungs functions best at these hours and the muscle are supple and flexible. It is considered a wonderful stress buster after a hard days work, as the exertion is low.

Experts say that it is not important to exercise on a particular time, in fact exercising consistently with motivation as per our schedule at the time when one is at ease and comfortable is important. It is in your hands to choose which is the best part of the day for exercising. And accordingly plan and workout your fitness program.

Make exercising a habit and one can opt for other various ways for workout to evade monotony in routine. The routine should be enjoyable. A healthy fitness program is a beginning for a blissful and improved everyday life.