Bikram Hot Yoga

The mastermind behind the innovative hot yoga technique that has swept the entire world is outcome of an Indian genius. Living yoga guru Bikram choudhary who origin roots back to Calcutta in India developed this novelty in yoga. Born in year 1946, he founded the Hot Yoga college of India in Beverly Hills in1974. Bikram studio extends to all corners of the world. Nick named as “Mc Yoga” it has more than million students all over the world.

What is HOT YOGA?

In his method series of 26 yoga poses or asansas are performed twice in a heated room. The temperature of room is 105oF with a humidity of 40%. The 26 postures include two breathing exercises and the duration of each class is approximately 90 min. This is different from the conventional form of yoga. The Bikram yoga the meditation starts from outside pushing the body to extremities.

Tips and Cautions for Hot Yoga

  • From the hygienic point of view it is mandatory to carry ones own towel and yoga mat.
  • Since the entire session takes place in a hot room popularly known as torture chamber, minimal clothing made of natural fibers is required.
  • Hydrate the body sufficiently with good amount of water and fluids.
  • Also make a note to eat 2 hrs prior to any session.
  • Hot yoga is not advised for pregnant women, as this kind of yoga is subjected to extremities in temperature. It can elevate the core body temperature.
  • The temperature speeds up the heart rate and the fat burns more rapidly. Lie down and rest for a while if one feel’s dizzy. New comers are suggested to catch up slowly.

Approach and Philosophy

The extreme temperature loosens the body and tolerates the muscle and tendons to go farther and stretch even more. The heat makes the body more supple and agile. Bikrams main perception and desire is that every student of hot yoga should experience the same irrespective of the place of any Bikram studio they visit. The philosophy of human life, Who you are? What is life? Destination and purpose of life, Etc. All these complex queries have answers through yoga. This forms the main essence of yoga, which he teaches and advocates in his unique Bikram yoga. It is beyond the physical and mental challenge of Bikram yoga.

Body, Mind and Soul.

Focus on breathing is the key module in this yoga. The concentration is laid on pushing bodies to the maximum extent. The discipline helps one to be relaxed and get energized at the same time. The spiritual feeling stays with the individual, it is like addiction. Every time a person goes for one, they end up craving for more. In order to understand it one has to experience it.
Bikram yoga is definitely the flavor of season. People all over the world are embracing it, as all-in-one work out program and its popularity is testimony to it. It provides an accurate balance between spiritual and physical aspects of busy life.