Drink Water Regularly To Remain Fit

Water is one of the most fundamental constituents of our body and lives. An average human body consists of 60-75% of water. In other words we can say that 2/3 of your body is made up of water. Since large percent of body is water, we need water in large quantities to remain healthy and fit. Most of the people do not drink enough water as a result of it its leads to various illness. An adult needs 12 cups of water everyday and a lot of water is lost during perspiration, breathing and urination. The loss of water has to be made good.

We will see how water is important and its action on a human body: –

  • Water is a wonderful transporter of various enzymes and reactions. It carries nutrients, hormones, antibodies, oxygen in the blood and the lymphatic system. Water acts as a good solvent as it breaks down the complex enzymes and proteins in simple form and circulates it.
  • Weight loss and water go hand in hand. Most of the weight loss programs insist on ample drinking of water. It has no calories and hence astonishingly suppresses the appetite. It is considered as the single most nutrients that can be consumed everyday. Dehydration causes excess body fat, weak muscles, reduction in digestion efficiency, water retention etc. The body signals this loss in the form of joint pain, stomachache, back pain, low energy, disorientation and along with this other ailments rises up.
  • It is an amazing natural lubricant that keeps the muscles and skin toned. Food digestion is directly depended on amount of water consumed. The acids and enzymes are broken down in the digestive system. Constipation is caused due to dehydration. Increase in water will eliminate the problems of constipation gastritis, duodenitis, ulcer pain and heart burn. It also flushes out all the toxins out from the body.
  • Water is a natural coolant. It helps in regulating the body temperature. The excess heat gets dissipated through perspiration. Even while breathing, during exhalation the lungs are moistened with water. Ailments like asthma can be relieved with increase in water intake.
  • For smooth function of the kidneys consume water in large quantities. Wastes as uric acid, urea and lactic acid are first dissolved in water in the body. It is then removed in form of urine with the help of kidneys. However in absence of water the wastes are not efficiently removed and the kidney gets damaged.
  • Water is a natural lubricating agent. The bone cartilages have to be abundant with water. Lack of water causes friction between the joints, joint deterioration and pain. Rheumatoid pains can be greatly reduced with water bringing more circulation in the joints.
  • The spinal joints are highly dependent of various properties of water that is stored in the disc core. With sufficient hydration the back pain can be alleviated.
  • 85% of the brain is water. With dehydration the energy level generation is effected. Depression, migraine, stress and fatigue are the outcome of dehydration.
  • Among expectant mother morning sickness is a signal loss of water for fetus and mother. Water for fetus cell growth is necessary. It carries nutrients through the blood to the baby. Contractions and early labor can be triggered off with water. Bladder infections, constipation and hemorrhoids can be prevented.
  • The cell function is controlled through the signals sent to the nervous system from brain. The nerves are waterways. The fluid gets thickened due to dehydration and hence the brain signals get distorted. This leads to neurological diseases, hence consumption of water is necessary.

Hence simple water in pure form free from contamination acts miraculously in the entire system. On a whole we can say that water improves energy, increases mental and physical ability, flushes toxins, keeps the skin healthy, supple and young.