Exercises For a Painful Shoulder

The shoulder is the most movable joint of the body. Problems related with shoulder are common, when some kind of pain gets triggered it leads to limitation in the movement. A large group of muscles play a key role in the movement and working of the shoulder.

One of the most common ways of managing shoulder pain is to do range of motion exercises daily. The stiffness could be averted and it will stretch all the surrounding muscles. But before starting any exercise program seek the help of the doctor or it may worsen the situation. The physiotherapist can clear any further doubts.

The exercises help one to recover loss of movement in the shoulder area and these exercises works wonderfully in pain management. If practiced regularly the conditions may be improved. These exercises should be done in a set of 5 with intervals in between. Any session can be done 2-3 times daily. Some exercises are explained here that will help in arresting pain in the shoulder.

Pendular Exercises

This is suggested under post-operated conditions. Lean the body forward. Lean on to your good arm on a table for support. The affected arm should be left free, it should hang like a pendulum. The arm should be moved forward and backwards without any effort, resembling like a pendulum. In the same position a side-to-side movement can be done.

Assisted Flexion

These exercises help in increasing the range of motion. Lie flat on your body. Keep the hands clasped together, now slowly lift up your arms and stretch them out. Do it slowly without any jerky movements, never try to force the movement, as it will only aggravate the condition. This can be done in sitting as well as standing position.

Active Flexion

Lift the hands up. The shoulder socket has to be faced inwards, so that the movement is more comfortable. Try to get the arms as far as you can. You can gradually increase and stretch it more in due course of time.

Medical Rotation

Try to keep your hands behind the back as far as you can. The distance that could be reached behind varies for individuals.

Lateral Rotation

Place the hand behind the neck; the elbows should be on the side. Some may find difficulty in doing it and in extreme conditions one may opt for another movement. Once you are in a position to do this you can do it daily in your exercising regime.

Alternative Method of Lateral Rotation

It is one of the simplest forms of shoulder exercises. Keep the elbows outside so that it makes an angle of 90 degrees against the side. Bent to 90 degrees and cross your tummy. Repeat it.

Under the rehabilitation conditions limit the range of movement. The weight training exercises should be progressed slowly. One can start with seated row and can progress with pull-ups and lat pull downs. The normal bench press can be done with increase in strength.

While doing these exercises maintain a good posture, avoid a hunch back. For the sports person’s sports specific exercises like the plyometrics for the shoulder can be done. Most of the medical conditions get corrected after a short period of time. Even then if the problem persists go for a medical help.