Exercises for Healthy Feet

The question remains, that why do we need to exercise our feet, when we have been making good use of it the whole day, by walking? Any kind or type of shoe will make us walk differently. The most ideal way of walking is without shoes which is however impractical. All shoes put stress on certain muscles while walking. Some of the muscles are overused others are left without any workout, putting pressure on feet. For healthy feet certain exercises and maintenance are suggested. Remember feet are support of the body, the entire weight of the body rests on it. Hence a little care and pampering to your vital supports will not only make healthy but will reduce any foot diseases.


Exercise of Feet –

  • A footsie roller massager has been designed, to the arch of feet to gently roll back and forth.
  • A golf ball roll relieves the pain on the arch of feet.
  • The pointing and flexing exercises of foot up and down, and rotation in clockwise and anti-clockwise will relax them.
  • The heel raise exercise increases the strength, of Achilles tendon to relieve pain.
  • The runner’s stretch is good to evade heel pain.
  • Proprioceptive exercises by stepping on off mat, step on off platform, one-legged stand can improve balance and eliminate injury.
  • Water walking, tracing letters with toes will improve flexibility.

Plantar warts, bunions, sweaty feet, planter fasciitis, ankle arthritis are some of the diseases related to feet. Foot is a complex structure composed of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, ligaments and muscles. Taking care of this for strengthening and proprioception and balance is crucial.


  • Warm up and cool down by stretching will improve circulation and prevent muscle sprain. Achilles tendons, shins and raised feet are good exercises of foot.
  • Proper selection of footgear is a must. Well-cushioned, wide and comfortable shoes that are snug at the heels that enable one to walk smoothly should be chosen.
  • Changes in feet and ankles could be warning signs of major foot ailments. In case of any abnormality, spots, numbness, tingling, burns consult a podiatric physician.
  • A good walk bare foot on softer grounds and grass is foot friendly.
  • A diabetic should take well care of his feet. They are more prone to infections and injuries. Improper treatment can lead to serious problems and can lead to gangrene or amputations. Diabetic shoe is a must for these people.
  • Keep your feet meticulously clean especially near the toes. Wear clean socks and stockings as untidy socks may cause fungal infections.
  • Exercise smart and set realistic goals. Be aware of your limit and exercise with caution to avoid injury.

Help Your Feet-

foot and ankle health is important to overall health, well-being and mobility. Though it remains the most neglected part of the body it plays a major role in pursuit of fitness. A foot and ankle condition usually develops in mid life and has to be treated by specialists like podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons.