Exercises for Joint Pain

With ageing body’s, structure changes internally as well as externally. The density of bone mass decreases making it more susceptible to fractures. Increase in muscle size decreases strength and the tendons and ligaments become less elastic. Inflammation and degeneration in cartilages is common among people suffering with arthritis. Simple physical activities can prevent these conditions from augmenting. It enhances strength and flexibility and fights fatigue. Exercising becomes a cumbersome task for people with arthritis and joint pain. Exercise is vital to strengthen muscles, increase bone density and energy, controlling weight, improving sleep patterns and making one feel better on a whole. The myths and incorrect information’s should be shunned. In fact lack of exercise will increase stiffness and pain, the supportive tissues of bones will become weak. It is necessary to talk to the doctor before the exercising program and discuss what kind of exercise will suit you most. 

Exercises for Joint Pain and Arthritis-

Range-of-Motion Exercises

These involve movement of joints to their maximum range of motion. They can de done easily on daily basis. They are the best form to relieve stiffness and increase ability of joints. Arms, shoulders can be benefited with it.

Strengthening Exercises


They supporting building strong muscles, tissue and ligaments to sustain and protect the joints.  Simple lightweight training exercises can help in maintaining current strength and boosting it. It can be done every alternate day. Skip and Avoid in case of pain or swelling.


Aerobic Exercises

 It improves stamina and cardiovascular health. For overall endurance and fitness and weight control aerobic exercises is the right answer. One can split the workout for convenience. It can be done up to 20-30 mins thrice a week.

Other Activities

Simple day-to-day activities of home, gentle yoga, tai chi can reduce the ailment and increase stability. Exercises have been useful in treatment of osteoarthiritis, low back pain, osteoporosis and total joint replacement.

Some do’s and don’ts-

  • Hot treatments to affected area by hot packs, showers or warm towels can release and relax the muscles.
  • Always start slowly with gentle warm up exercises. Don’t push too hard and progress gradually or else the pain will get aggravated.
  • Begin with simple movements. In case of pain inflammation or redness in joints take a break.
  • Cold packs after exercising reduces pain and never try to over do any exercise. In case of extremities of pain and inflammation seek the advise of doctor.
  • Check with your doctor about exercise programs in local area. Social moving will generate interest and will keep you accompanied with someone during workout.
  • Certain foundation conducts programs in water or on land like walking in groups. Enroll yourself for one and Take the maximum advantage of it.
  • Unite exercise routine with daily chore. Try to walk to the maximum possible extent.
  • Classes of Yoga, Pilates, tai chi, water aerobics can be signed up to add spice and evade boredom.

Exercising is essential for healthy and pain free joints. Involve and occupy the body with some physical activity. The benefits can be enjoyed once you have started diligently with the routine and program. And Try to stick to it.