Fall Fitness Tips and Ideas

Experts consider it as the best season to shape up. People consider it as the most sacred part of the year. The season is full of festivities with mild crispy air, fall foliage of maple leaves with their crunching noises, Halloween knocks with spooky pumpkin and a treat with apples to pamper your taste buds….wow! This time of the year is perfect for working outdoors and to enjoy the best scenes of the year. Hear are some tips to make the best out of the wonderful season of the year: –

  • The picture perfect postcard evenings are just right for outdoor activities like biking, walking, jogging, trekking, playing tennis, baseball or golf. The days are sunny and evenings cool. Walk around the parks or trail around woods. Spending maximum amount of time in nature ‘s lap will relive you from tension and anxiety.
  • Enroll yourself into a gym or health club near by. A 30 min session will keep you in good shape. You can incorporate it with other activities like aqua aerobics and step aerobics etc. or a brisk walk around the neighborhood will burn enough calorie of the day.  The options are numerous it in your hand to make the best out of it.
  • Talking about autumn, how can one forget about rich, red juicy apples harvest. They are not only rich in antioxidants and flavonoids but are known for nutritive value. Indulge in apple picking along with your family. It is indeed an autumn activity that fits into your workout plan.
  • Raking leaves with your family can be fun, it not only brings the family close together but a get together workout. Raking the leaves and jumping on it, is something most of us enjoy. A great stress reliever for kids and adults.
  • A visit too a zoo or historical place will be a fun filled day for the entire family. You may learn some new things about species or about the historical place and culture associated with it.
  • Go skating this fall around your neighborhood or at least enroll to a near by rink. A great physical activity for the entire body and good way to burn calories. You can shoe-skate, roller-skate or even can roller blade.
  • Yoga has many benefits. The calories are burned, mind rejuvenates and the whole body gets energized. Yoga increases flexibility and improves blood circulation. Muscle gets toned and it improves concentration too. Learn yoga the season and teach other too.
  • Go on trail on a horseback. It is one of the most popular activity that is loved by adults and kids too. One can learn a lot about nature and enjoy the natural scenery in its full bloom. Also it is a great way to work out the inner thigh, butts and legs.
  • Visit to a beach, surfing, building castles, or simply idling on seashore. No one can resist oneself from seaside sport be it wind surfing, paragliding, jet skiing or beach volleyball. A perfect way to spend weekends and burning calories, near a beach.