Fitness: Stretch to Keep Fit and Fresh

Stretching exercises make the muscles flexible and reduce the chances of injury. One should engage in stretching exercises before or after any workout regime to keep swift and moving. These exercises are simple and easy to follow. Just spend fifteen minutes doing a few stretches to either warm up or relax after your exercise fitness regime.

Kinds of Stretch Exercises:

  • Stretch exercises for the neck can be very relaxing and comfortable. Bend each side of the head to the other and hold for five seconds. Do this three times daily.
  • Stretch exercises for the shoulder and the upper back arm can be equally comforting. Hold one hand and put it on the opposite shoulder. Carefully pull the elbow of that hand. Keep for fifteen seconds then repeat with the other hand and elbow.
  • Stretch exercises for the triceps, waist and shoulders can also prove very effective. Put your hands over the head and try pulling the elbow of one with the other hand. Hold for fifteen seconds, and then repeat with the other hand and elbow.
  • Stretch exercise for the ankles can be comfortably done by sitting or standing. If done standing then take the help of some support and rotate the ankle of one leg about eight to ten times. Repeat with the other leg and ankle.
  • Stretch exercise for the thighs can help in toning them. Face the wall and put your left hand on it for support. Lift the left leg with your right hand and touch the buttocks. Hold for ten to twenty seconds then repeat with the other hand and leg.
  • Stretch exercise for the back is relieving and very easy to follow. Put your hands on your waist and simply twist one side to feel the stretch. Hold on to this position for ten to fifteen seconds, and then repeat with the other side.
  • Stretch exercise for the arms, legs, shoulders and legs can be done with the help of one exercise itself. Lie down straight with legs straight and with your hands over the head. Try bringing your arms closer to the opposite leg and hold on for five seconds then relax. Repeat with the other hand and leg as well.

Stretch to feel more flexible, fit and relaxed. Since stretching contributes in a way to calm the nerves and senses it also helps in looking fresh, invigorating and beautiful. So never lose the time to stretch because it only makes you feel all renewed and enthusiastic.