Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women

The pregnancy period is a wonderful experience for an expectant mother. The pregnancy period has been divided into three trimesters and exercises tips are advised for each trimester of the pregnancy. There are many misconceptions associated with pregnancy, like a pregnant woman should not exercise during pregnancy. However it is not true. A pregnant woman should exercise during their pregnancy. Certain precautions and care has to be taken while doing it. The heart rate should be controlled and should not exceed 130-140 beats per minute. She should also concentrate on her breathing, also weight bearing and aerobics should be done in moderation. But if a person has been sedentary for quite some time a new exercise program is suggested.

First trimester

– Usually in this phase the pregnancy is not much associated with complications. But exhausting and demanding exercises like kickboxing, soccer, heavy weight lifting etc should not be done. Simple workout activities like light jogging and effortless weight lifting etc can be done. However the stretching exercise has to be done with extra attention, as they are more prone to overstretching and injuring themselves. This is because there is alteration in hormonal level resulting in looser joints during and after pregnancy.

Second trimester-

Apart from working out physically the concentration of mind has to be diverted into meditation and other calming exercises that soothe the mind, body and soul. This facilitates a mother to focus and channelize the mental flow in proper way for the arrival of the baby. Prenatal yoga classes, alterations in sit ups, lightweight dumbbells to strengthen shoulder muscles, walking and respiration and breathing classes are good during this time. One of the precautionary measures that has to be taken is to prevent the body from overheating, doing the exercise at steady pace and taking ample rest during the workout. The body needs replenishment for two hence food should be cooked hygienically, it should be well balanced and intake of fluids in form of water and juices should be plenty.

Third trimester

– The weight of the body increases and there is less amount of comfort in body movement. The factors as morning sickness, mood swings, nausea, dizziness also contributes to this. Remember this is one of the crucial stages of pregnancy and all the activities should be done at comfortable level only. Daily walks, swimming, yoga etc has to be done.

In general neck exercise, shoulder rotation, stretch for inner thighs, pelvic raise, ankle rotation, meditation and breathing exercises etc can be done.

Before starting any exercise regime consult your trainer and your doctor. These exercises are for those women who are physically active prior to their pregnancy, for those women who are not physically active may opt for daily walks and light yoga classes. The exercise regime can be designed according to individual needs and requirements and helps to facilitate a smooth and less intense labor delivery.

Some tips-

  • Hydrate the body properly.
  • Breathe smoothly.
  • Avoid exercises that put pressure on organs and fetus.
  • Avoid squats, forward bending movement, cross body movements and ballistic stretching. 
  • Perform exercise with Slow and steady movement avoiding any kind of jerky movements.
  • The floor should be well carpeted to avoid and kind of injury.