Fitness Tips to Shape your Calf Muscles

Our legs suffer the brunt of all activity as it supports every human movement. More often than not, we ignore the shape and size of it because we are so busy grooming our faces. Legs are always at work but the secret to shapely calves means specific training just for the calves.

Fitness trainers are of the opinion that training and changing the shape of the calves is difficult because they already have a workout schedule. In order to reap best results, experts also suggest the need to exercise with weights before starting any formal training for calf muscles. This overworks the muscles to yield significant change.


 Standing dumbbell calf exercise
 Seated calf exercise
 Leg press calf exercise

Standing dumbbell calf exercise:

 Stand on one foot at a time
 Place the ball of your foot at the edge of a step
 Put your hand on a wall or some support to keep balance
 Hold a heavy dumbbell in the other hand
 Push up on the ball and toes of your foot as high as you can
 Push your heels as low as you can to stretch your calf

Seated calf exercise:

 This exercise requires you to bend your knees
 Gradually rotate the balls of your foot as you raise your heel as high as possible
 Squeeze your calves for two seconds then lower your heel
 Repeat this movement fifteen to twenty times in sets of three

Leg press calf exercise:

 Place your feet on the ground and lock your knees in a way that your balls and toes of your feet are also on the ground
 Your feet should be parallel on the ground
 Rotate the balls of your feet, lifting the weight with your toes till your calves contract
 Squeeze your calves and slowly lower your heels to the ground
 Repeat this movement fifteen to twenty times in sets of three

Improve the contours of your legs by perfecting the range of motions in your calf exercise. Soon you will be flaunting those toned legs by lending it enough shape and grace.