Golf Fitness Workouts

Golf has become a big sport in today’s time. Money, time, people associated with are huge and consequently the sport itself has attained a mammoth structure. Fitness plays an important role in any workout regime and golf is no exception to this. Fitness mentally and physically, with diligent practice and thorough techniques brings in success. Previously a fitness program was an exceptional rule now with changing trends exercise trailers and full time training staff are available. Professionals have realized the importance of fitness, as key to stay fit and competitive throughout the year.


Walking forms a part of entire golf session and has substantial health benefits.
Walking enhances heart by reducing cholesterol and blood lipid profile. Body fat is controlled and burned by extensive walking. It improves mental awareness and sharpness. The bone density increases and osteoporosis is prevented. It is important to stay “mindful” while walking. Build your potency and stamina instead of using a golf cart. Maintain body postures while walking uphill and downhill. Shoes that are wide and comfortable with good cushioning should be worn.

Warm up Exercises

These exercises reduce the possibility of injury if any. They maintain consistency in muscle relaxation for more power and greater distance for drives. The internal stress is greatly reduced. Various exercising techniques have been designed to improve fitness like squat, back arch, shoulder stretch, rotation, side bends and neck exercise. These warm up exercises forms the groundwork of golf fitness.

Brain Fitness


he game involves fine decision, which is not possible without a sharp brain. It is imperative to keep the mind healthy by nourishing them and keeping them oxygenated. In order to boost the memory sharpness and increase it vitality, engage in mental activities. Brain exercise forms an important constituent of fitness routine. Memory improvement techniques, meditation and power mind are some ways to develop mind fitness.

Vision Fitness

Vision sharpens one’s aim and awareness. Focus gets better with concentration and good vision. Exercising for eyes plays a key role in setting and aiming the target in right direction.

Daily Exercises

Weights are good for strength of muscles. Dumbbells, wrist weights etc develop physical endurance. It also reduces the chances of injuries and Averts development of arthritis and back pain.

Stretch Exercises

It improves flexibility and enhances better array of hand movements and swing. Muscular strain and tension is drained out and it adds to better golf fitness for better scores. The postural balance and awareness is encouraged.


Charge your body with meal rich in proteins and carbohydrates before you tee off. During the rounds snacks in form of nuts and fruits are the best as they maintain sugar levels. Do not forget to hydrate your body with sufficient amount of water. Golf requires excessive walking and water levels has to be maintained to evade dehydration.

All these small practices will keep you charged provide you with the fuel to get easily through 18 holes. The final word is that kick-start and do not delay to work with the right program. It’s high time to improve your strokes and your tee.