Health Effects of Television

Most homes today, boast of plasma screens where you can find the young and the old stuck to their television screens. Extensive studies have proved that television addicts can suffer from various health complications. Discover ways to check and prevent the frequent watching of television in the following article.

Spending hours before the television screen can have adverse effects on the health of a person. Experts believe that television has not only revolutionized communication but also the lifestyle habits of human beings.

There is a growing concern among parents for their children because they tend to spend much of their leisure time watching television. Therefore, media or television has creeped into our lives in such a way that we are almost living inactive lives today. This time can be allocated towards productive activities that are helpful for the overall fitness of the body.

What are the effects of television on health?

The health effects of television are listed here below:

  • Obesity in children has also been linked with the amount of time spent on watching television.
  • Diabetes also results from constant exposure to advertisements which promote the intake of sugar and fatty food.
  • Artificial light or radiation being emitted from the television screens can lead to poor eyesight problems in children and adults alike.
  • Sleeplessness can also result from watching too much of television.
  • Difficulties in language acquisition and reading during the initial growth years of a child.
  • Thinking and creative instincts are blocked.
  • Continuous fatigue and headaches are the most possible outcomes of watching too much of television.
  • Vomiting follows straight after a severe headache.
  • The constant flickering and bright light can make the nervous system vulnerable in children.
  • Children store negative thoughts about diet and dental care through advertisements and regular television watching.

Why is physical activity important for children?

Children need to be active and not stay glued to the television screens because of the following reasons:

  • Children need to develop and gain strength of muscles and bones which is possible only through physical and outdoor activities.
  • Productive and an active mind are necessary for the cognitive development of a child.
  • Children need more time to interact with their age group and adults alike in order to build their social skills.

What parents can do to limit watching television?

Psychological studies have been repeatedly emphasizing on the influence of parents on the child’s developing values. It is, therefore, very important for adults to modify their recreational habits to best suit the needs of their children.

Balance television and video watching with other activities by planning a routine such as the following:

  • Ensure to keep the television off during meal times
  • Interact more often with your kids
  • Read out fables and stories to your children so that they spend minimum time in front of the television
  • Never use television as a reward or punishment or your children can misuse or manipulate you on those grounds.
  • Encourage and accompany your children and family to outdoor sport activities
  • Never use television as an alternative solution to rely upon when there is nothing else to do
  • Ensure that the television is placed at a common sitting room and neither in your children’s or your bedroom
  • Encourage entertaining and educational shows
  • Limit late night television

Television offers lots of benefits too as it brings a family together by shared views and thoughts. Moreover, it also offers a wide variety of cultural experiences to us. However, too much of anything is harmful for the mind and the body.

Steal the benefits of educational shows and entertainment keeping in mind that you do not over strain yourself. Never make television the only or the last option to do anything.

Since, television is usually watched more by children than the adults, it is important to break the habit. As television viewing affects children more than adults. Fit and healthy lifestyle should be the first priority for you and your children. Encourage your children to do more physical activity to stay away from obesity. One must discourage unhealthy eating habits. As far as possible, don’t feed your children colas and fast foods frequently. Children usually follow their adults. So, it is very important to inculcate these healthy habits in yourself. This will help not only in maintaining your child’s health but also your health. Too much television viewing can harm you too. So shut the television and pick up a good book instead. You can develop a hobby too. Or indulge in some kind of community and productive work during your leisure hours. This will surely improve your personality and character.