Home Circuit Training for Better Health

Among numerous choices in exercises, only a few are resourceful as “Circuit Training”. This type of work out helps in burning good amount of calories and can be practiced at the secured privacy and comfort of home.

What is Circuit Training?

A circuit session consists of series of exercises or stations performed with minimum rest in between. Conventionally, it has been used to strengthen muscles and cardiovascular fitness. They are extremely popular in gyms as they offer variety over continuous monotonous exercises as cycling and running. Circuit training relates to how a chain of workouts are structured.

How Circuit Training is Useful?

  • For basic strength – An assortment of resistance exercises and high intensity cardio exercise in rapid progression boosts strength and endurance. 3-4 sessions in a week is enough for all-round fitness.
  • For higher strength development- This is usually done in athletes and is worked out with a sport-specific strength program. It is done to prepare body for more strenuous exercises. For athletes, circuit training is a good choice as alternative exercises allows for maximum recovery of injury.
  • For high endurance development- Muscular endurance is imperative. By keeping intervals short, cardiovascular element is developed and by alternating exercises it adds to the muscle endurance.

Circuit Training at Home

Much of the time is wasted in transit from home to gym and vice-versa. One can alter program as per individual requirements and needs and work according to them. At home one can follow:

  • 30 secs of squats
  • 30 secs on stationary bike
  • 30 secs of lunges
  • 30 secs of jogging
  • 30 secs of chest presses on a weight bench
  • 30 secs of cycling or jogging
  • 30 secs of shoulder presses
  • 30 secs of cycling or jogging
  • 30 secs of bicep curls
  • 30 secs of cycling or jogging

The whole sequence has to be repeated thrice. Basic work out consists of squats, squat thrusts, press ups, burpees, star jumps, crunches, skipping, step ups, sprinting, dips, running, side ways, jumping etc., these can be used in variations and can be altered for individual requirements.


  • 2-3 circuit sessions can effectively help in burning calories and will make one fit and energetic.
  • Because of variety, intensity and speed of work out one does not get bored easily.
  • The beginners will stick with the exercise program and the workout session will keep things interesting.
  • It is an excellent program to lose belly fat.
  • It can be customized specifically for individuals with different requirements.
  • Is highly flexible and can be done indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The simple form is excellent to condition and strengthen the body.
  • The uncomplicated steps work on every muscle.
  • It does not require expensive workout equipments.


  • It is basically designed for fat loss; hence it is useful for endomorph or endomesomorph body type trainees looking for fat loss.
  • Though the intensity of workout is more, only little volume is exerted on small group of muscles.
  • People with high blood pressure are not advised this type of training.
  • For pumping up iron and building biceps circuit training may not work that efficiently.

So, you see how easy it is to take up home circuit training. One can perform the exercise from the comfort of one’s home. Besides the points given above, one can follow some tips when performing home circuit training are:

  • Make a clear plan of the entire exercise program.
  • You can warm up for the exercise by doing house hold chores or climbing the stair case.
  • Don’t forget to stretch before the exercise.
  • Don’t expect miraculous results in a short period of time.
  • Stop when your body asks you to stop.
  • Never over-do the exercise.
  • Keep drinking water and other fluids.