How to Choose a Fitness Center

“All work no play make jack a dull boy”, Is a well-known proverb. Similar is the case with one’s body, all work and no exercise will make drained with energy. Exercising is important for a healthy mind, body and soul. Half of the battle is won, once you have decided to join a club or fitness center, to enroll for a fitness program. The next crucial step in this process involves with the proper selection of a gym with overall facility, that fits into your feasibility. Here are given some basic guide lines by which choosing a health club.


– It is essential to consider the location of the gym or fitness center at the close proximity to you home or office.  This will save time and fuel and will keep you away getting stuck in traffic.

Hours of Operation

– Better check that the gym you are joining has flexible hours of operation according to your convenience. Some gyms are open for 24 hrs round the clock and will be easier to workout in these gyms that working in ones that have fixed 9-5 working slot.


– The instructors should be certified and expert professional in his or her work. Discuss about your medical conditions and physical limitations if any. Also see that the staff members are well-mannered and helpful and gives enough time and guidance while working with you. Also check if these fitness clubs have dieticians and massage therapists and inquire about these services if it will be needed to you in long run.


– Cross check about the group programs that are that are offered. Do not join other class on the management persuasion. Stand firm on what you want, do not let the management influence your choice or decision. You can go for a trail class and workout on a particular class and see whether it is suitable to you. Examine how your instructor is and at what pace is he teaching? You can check about the spaciousness, ventilation, lighting and whether it is overcrowded or not. Most of he fitness centers have pools and tennis court. Check the maintenance and hygiene level in these areas also.


– A gym should be well equipped with all the latest workout machinery in perfect running condition. The treadmills, weight-training machines, bicycles, dumbbells mats etc should be clean and in good working order. See that the machinery that you are making use is enough in number or else you might have to wait for your turn. All these equipments should have soft and easy grip.


– The facility provided should be well protected, hygienic and well maintained. The bathrooms should be spotlessly clean, showers in well working condition with hot water facility. The lockers should have security device fitted in them. And clean towels and mats is a must. The floors and equipments should be cleaned regularly with enough room to workout between persons. Adequate parking space is a must for hassle free parking.

Costing and Other Areas to Enquire

– Finally when you have found the appropriate gym of your choice it better to check about the costing, deposit, monthly fee or any extra fees if any. Enquire about the clientele that it holds and years of business that is it into, and branches if they have any. Discuss about the discounts that they offer in individual, multiple or combination programs. Whether they have any refund or cancellation policy or contact. Enquire if the membership card can be made in use while you are traveling, to its other branches or gyms that in collaboration with it.

Finally it is not enough to join a health club but sticking to the program and diligently following it. Staying motivated and focused on the regime will help you to be disciplined and getting closer to perfect shape.