How To Keep Kids Active?

Kids in today’s day have given way sitting in front of idiot box, playing video games or on net. Leading a life of a couch potato is restricting them to lead an active and dynamic life. It is important to keep kids mentally as well as physically active. These simple tips will strengthen them, educate them and will keep them engaged in a more resourceful manner.

  • Establish a routine for your kid. This you can do by enrolling your kid in near by class for martial arts, dance, sports or swimming etc. Take interest to know that he or she is interested in which field. Never enforce your choices or opinions on the kid.
  • Start the day session with a walk along with the child. You can take your dog out for a walk, accompanying them.
  • If your child is artistically inclined encourage them to go for and art, drawing class. Help them in making a collage of the leaves, rocks and shells that they have collected in their trips.
  • Teach your kids to cook, step by step. You can teach them simple easy to make recepies, which they can make and enjoy on their own. You can take the assistance of sites to show the measurements, safety tips and variations too. Experiment with your old grandma recepies or get one cookbook from the local library.
  • Have fun in the outdoors blowing bubbles with strings, lids and bubble rings. Fly kite on the outdoors in a bright sunny day, when the wind is just perfect.
  • A visit to the zoo, museum, aquarium, and historical park will be educational and interesting.
  • Engage kids with wonderful paper activities like origami and paper art. You can teach them cut and paste with paper, paper mashie or collage.
  • Go camping during the weekends. Plan a campfire near the countryside. Explore the vistas of nature and explain about the geography or nature of that area.
  • Create a Parkour or hurdle race set in your basement or in the backyard with the unwanted stuffs and objects that are no longer in use. Set the time to complete the race, you can make use a stopwatch for this. This will increase competitiveness and will generate interest in physical activities.
  • Create a rock band and set of musical instruments from the house holds items. Encourage them to compose their own songs and music. Be a part of the band and have fun.
  • Read aloud your kids favorite myths, thriller or fairy tales from the storybooks they love the most. Make sure that it should have lovely illustrative pictures if your kid is small, otherwise they will loose interest.
  • Make clay dough and encourage them to carve their own sculptors. You can make use of plastic colorful dough’s that are readily available in the market. They are soft, bright and easy to mould in any shapes. Most of them come with attractive moulds.
  • Play pictionary, scrabble, connect the dots or simple logistic maths. These are brilliant brainteasers for a fantastic mental workout.
  • Play those games in which the entire family can participate. It could be catch, tug of war, hide and seek etc.  Organize a poolside party or a barbeque party. This you can do with the assistance of your kids. The neighborhood kids can also participate, it could be made a fun reunion of family, kids and friends.

Remember every child is different. The parent’s should be well aware to see what their children are more capable of and interested in. The key is to find their strengths and utilizing it in a more resourceful and creative way. By incorporating all these activities in your child life, you will be laying down the foundation of health and fitness for lifetime.