Low Cost Fitness Tips and Ideas

In order to live a healthier life, fitness and exercising has become a topmost priority among people of all ages. There are so many choices available around. But the mission remains how to work out a program without affecting your pocket. Here are some cost effective measures by which you can shell down extra pounds from the body, without shelling extras pounds from the pocket.

  • Working out in gym can be quite costly. The membership fee can affect your monthly expenses. Walking in the neighborhood, in park or simply walking around the woods if you stay in the country side can help you to maintain you shape cut down the gym expenses. In case of cold or rainy whether you can head for the mall and take laps.
  • Make use of the stairs instead of an elevator. Make use of your feet while going to the near by places, be it the near by library, park, grocery store or even your parking lot.
  • Take your bicycle out and visit the countryside by cross-country biking, or else you can go jogging with your friends or family. This will not only relive you from tension and stress but a wonderful way to workout for the entire body.
  • Other low cost physical activities can be hiking, trekking or simply raking the leaves in the backyard in the autumn, in snow you can build a snow sculpture or a snowman. These simple activities will not only bring the entire family close together but you can be in shape without shelling a penny.
  • Gardening and maintaining your own vegetable garden will keep you burning extra fat and calories. In fact you can grow your own vegetables and fruits and can reduce the monthly expenses without spending on them.
  • In cold weathers ice-skating, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and skiing can be fun. These adventures sports will keep you away from tediousness of regular workout routine and will be entertaining too.
  • If you stay near the beach that make the best of it by indulging in beach sports like beach volleyball, surfing, skiing etc, or else you can fly kite and build sandcastles with your younger companions. What a perfect way of amusing them while burning your extra calories out.
  • Circuit training with use of simple hulla-hoops, jump ropes and dumbbells, stretchable bands can be done at home. You can do simple exercises in variations like squats, lunges, crunches, chair dips, push ups and warm up and cool down stretching exercises and use these simple equipments as props. 
  • Swimming in a near by community pool or in beach are some of the best inexpensive options and the best way to workout.
  • Ride on the skate boards, roller skates with your protection gears on around the neighborhood or in the near by skating rink, and benefit from the physical activity done.
  • Spend the weekend with your family and friends on the weekend camping trip. Lot of physical activity can be done in form of collecting firewood’s, pitching tent, fishing and by simply picking up necessary fruits for you camp.
  • Build your own obstacle course with unused stuffs that you have found from your garage and make the best out of thrash for building you body.
  • Some of the most inexpensive kind of exercises are yoga, Pilates, tai chi etc by practicing these one can remain fit without affecting the pocket.