Manage Your Sleep to Keep Fresh and Fit

Sleeplessness has acquired an alarming increase in recent times. Statistics show that it is most common among the upper classes in urban areas. This is very evident from the rising trend of medication for this condition prescribed by physicians and sold by chemists.

Sleep is absolutely essential for keeping fit. On an average people need to sleep at least for eight hours. However, this may vary from person to person. Sleep releases our tensions and enables our mind and body to gain enough rest. When we deprive ourselves from sleep, our concentration and energy levels also suffer a huge decline. This makes us ineffective at work and in return, increases our stress levels.

Sleeplessness arises due to mental tensions and they come about due to worries, anxiety, overwork and over execution. It is also a result of resentment, anger or bitterness. Take away these tips to have a peaceful night sleep.

Tips To Manage Your Sleep:

  • Avoid mentally demanding work prior to sleep
  • Try reading a book to tire you eyes and yearn for sleep
  • Prepare a book of worries and put it aside. Refer to it only when you wake up the next morning
  • Keep a stable bedtime routine and try not to shift from it
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol or caffeine
  • Enhance your self esteem

A few things you can try at home are:

  • Have a balanced and modified diet including juices, dry fruits and cereals
  • Practice controlled breathing
  • Stick to a regular and active exercise regime

Your body needs rest after a hard days work. Only then you can contribute productively and effectively towards work. So, wake up fresh with a healthy heart, mind and body by having a restful sleep.

Note: Sleep is difficult to grasp. Any attempt to force it will only drive it further away. So, taking sleeping pills to induce it is totally unacceptable.