Simple Exercises for Sharper Brain

The mind is the ruler of the body, hence, it is important to keep it nimble with simple techniques that could be put to practice in everyday life. It is imperative to remain healthy not only physically but also mentally, as one grows older. These simple exercises will make the mind sharp and will help one to embark upon tactfully in day-to-day life. Here are some techniques: –

  • The morning practices like combing hair, brushing teeth, making breakfast, lifting container or jug could be done with less dominant hand.
  • Locating and recognizing things with keeping the eyes closed. A shower could be taken with eyes closed and sensing soap or scrubber with hands. Or one can try to visualize the furniture and navigate around in the house in the dark.
  • A road trip without the help of map or navigation aid that are nearby, could be challenging and will force the mind to remember things to the best of its ability.
  • Be a part of workshops that are organized in the neighborhood, library or community. Try hand at different things like, singing, painting, sculpturing, gardening etc.
  • Playing mind games like, crosswords, sudoku, chess, Rubik cube stimulates the brain cells.
  • Solving math problems and simple brain teasing IQ questions, looking for unfamiliar word in the dictionary and making it use in discussion or chat, going to store without a shopping list etc., and looking for things simply by remembering them.
  • The brain could be stimulated for good concentration with brain and mind concentration games. One can start with lower level and can aim for higher levels, as one becomes dexter in this. This will help to concentrate in a better way.
  • Make a goal that is realistic and achievable while having fun. Cardiovascular exercises like walking, skiing, jogging, biking, tennis, soccer, basketball etc., are also good for the brain. While playing, the heart rates become faster and the blood circulation gets enhanced, thus good amount of oxygen reaches the brain.
  • Tests have proved that drinking water throughout the day and keeping the body hydrated improves learning and develops focus. Dehydration can affect the brain in negative way, altering the concentration level.
  • Try to remember dates events like birthdays, anniversaries etc., without the help of your organizer. Similarly, one can try to remember telephone numbers too and can check how good they are with it.
  • A brainteaser, a count down or by simply playing memorizing games with kids will push the memory power of the brain to the positive side.
  • Without a good nutrition any regime is incomplete. So, plan meals with generous amount of vegetables and fruits, grains, proteins and dairy.
  • Stress management is mandatory when its come to a healthy mind. By getting enough sleep and relaxing with friends and family, indulging into yoga, meditation or taichi will help to calm the mind.

Following these tips will not only energize you but also make your brain sharper. Besides this, few foods can also make your brain sharp. Some foods for an active brain are:

  • Fishes like salmon, herring and sardines
  • Blueberries
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Grape juice

Some more techniques for a sharper mind are:

  • Learn playing a musical instrument
  • Switch careers
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Read
  • Volunteer for a cause
  • Solve crossword puzzle or play scrabble
  • Stay informed about the world around you

These simple tips, proper exercises and a good balanced diet will help you attain mental aigility.