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Eccentric Exercises Eccentric Exercise

Eccentric exercise occurs when you body struggles to maintain a position during an exercise. You push against physics and gravity and are eventually likely to fail at completing the exercise.

pilates-for-beginners Pilates for Beginners
Exercise tips for winter Exercise tips for winter
Exercises to Reduce belly Fat Exercises to Reduce belly Fat
drinking-coconut-water Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water, although new to the retail market, is not a new phenomenon. This water saved the lives of soldiers during the Pacific war. Coconut […]

woman-exercising Facts on Fitness – Know More!

Take this fitness quiz to know the facts behind it.

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young girls exercising Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat

In order to survive in the rat race and maintain pace with the fast moving world, we often forget to take care of our body […]

Sagging Jowl Exercises

Many people, even your close friends and relatives may recommendfacelifts, cosmetic surgery, and expensive spa treatments in order to lift your sagging jowls. Do not […]

Cycling Vs Running

Cycling and running are both good exercises for burning calories and keeping you in shape. To determine which one is best for you consider which […]

Is It Good to Workout Everyday?

Many trainers, both beginners and pros, still ponder at this question “ Is it good to workout everyday? ” Well the answer is yes and […]

Resistance Exercises for women

The resistance exercises for women can help in toning and strengthening the muscles. Hence, you can lose weight very fast by doing resistance training and […]

Conditioning Exercises

Conditioning exercises can also be known as balance and strength exercises. These exercises can build up the body in preparation for sports performance or enable […]

Indoor Exercises to Lose Weight

  Today, people are far more concerned about their health and fitness than before. Today’s fitness freak youth don’t hesitate to spend all their hard […]