Tips and Benefits of Ball Exercises

The latest buzz in the fitness industry is the fitness balls, which you could have seen it in any fitness program. Sounds unbelievable but it is true that these simple gigantic balls can be used as a tool for fitness simply by rolling, sitting and bouncing on it. Sounds like child’s play and it has numerous names too. It is also known as stability ball, fitness ball, physio ball and Swiss ball was started among physical therapists with a sole motive of rehabilitation of patients with spinal injuries and neurological disorder. It was developed by an Italian toy maker Aquilino Cosani in the 1960’s and was previously known as a “gymnastik”. Today it has become a popular devise of workout of all age groups.

Types of exercises: –

Some of the exercises that can be done are Oblique twist, Chest fly and Squat with the wall. One can perform aerobic exercises, strength training, Pilates, yoga with the help of it. They are comfortable and supportive can be done along with dumbbells, hand balls etc. they can be easily combined with other simple props and instruments for exercising.

Benefits: –

  • The ball being not stable has to be balanced with the body with the perfect spinal posture. Sitting on it helps the body to align in proper posture, which reduces back pain and improves spinal strength.
  • Quick stretch and mini workouts can be easily done. Sitting on it develops balance, core strength and it works on multiple abdominal muscles.
  • Exercising with a ball will improve the flow of blood in the body. It can be used for total body workout as legs, arms, chest, back, abdomen and even a cardio workout can be done with an effortless ball.
  • It is noticed that over a period of time there is improvement in muscle tone, endurance, flexibility, weight and coordination. This is due to greater range of motion and dynamic positions that can be easily attained.
  • It also facilitates in improvement in breathing techniques, it is indeed convenient to use and a great fun too.
  • It is an inexpensive piece of equipment that proffers a total body workout. Prices ranges from $10 to $200 and can hold up to 1000 pounds of static weight. A wide range of exercises can be done and people of all age groups can take advantage from it.
  • These balls are popular for their strength, quality and durability. They are appealing to every one on account of unique shape and bright colors. Kids can play with them, as they are safe and enjoyable.

Some tips: –

Before buying one should try the ball that is suitable according to ones size, it should be firm and strong. Exercising becomes difficult with a much harder ball. Start with a soft ball not the one that is overly inflated. The size of the ball largely depends on ones height.

At present therapists, medical specialists, fitness instructors very much recommend the use of Swiss ball in exercises. Have a great ball with your fitness ball and enjoy and have fun in your exercising regime.