Tips to Exercise in Cold Weather

Some fitness fanatics are not let down by the extreme frosty and chilly temperatures of cold winter. While for others winters may make one conceal out of their fitness regime. One can exercises indoors with appropriate dressing and observing certain practices. Here are some practices and tips that will keep you motivated to work out indoors a well as outdoors.

Exercising in Winter Season-

  • Consultation

    -A person with chronic asthma, chest pain and bronchitis should consult a doctor prior to workout regime is mandatory.

  • Dress in Layers-

    Wear several light layers and top it up with a windbreaker to keep you warm. The layer that is closest to the body needs special attention and investment. It should be made up of synthetic fibered fabric to draw sweat from the body. Insulation in from of fleece is better option in the second layer.  The next layer should be loose and capable of breathing.  A pair of gloves, scarf and hat cannot be neglected.

  • Warm Up-

    A warm up session with proper stretching, is suggested before the main workout. This has to be done gently as body is inflexible due to cold temperature.

  • Right Clothes

    – For added safety never go out alone always accompany a person and wear bright colored clothes when snowy. During night wear light colors clothes with reflective gear. Carry your I.D. card with you.

  • Sunglasses- Sunglasses are good solution highly reflective snow. The polarized ones can protect the eyes from snow blindness.
  • Hydration-

    Drink ample water before going out. Winter doesn’t necessarily mean that water loss is not taking place in the body. The body is still prone to dehydration, which may affect the temperature and reduce the body immunity.

  • Change Swiftly

    – Make it appoint to change your clothes as soon as possible after you reach home. If the destination is not home then carry a pair of socks and pants along with you for changing.

  • Sunscreen

    – Your skin needs special protection in winter season too. Snow have high reflective index, which may cause sunburn even in cold. A generous application of sunscreen with SPF15 and lip balm is recommended for skin protection.

  • Wind Chill-

    The cold and frosty wind may perforate and make its way from your insulating clothes. This may happen while playing sports like skiing, ice skating, cycling etc due to their fast motion. Avoid outdoor activities in extremely chilly weather as it may lead to frost bite and other problems related with breathing. 

  • Frostbite

    – It is a common problem in extremely cold areas. The skin turns hard pale and cold. It is better to move to a hot place and treat the affected area. In case of insensitivity, quivering and fatigue seek the emergency.

  • Walk the Mall or Join a Club

    – Walking becomes a treacherous task in snow filled roads. The best option is to visit a mall and working out. The tediousness will evade, also walking will be a more interesting unusual experience in a mall. For further convenience one may choose a club or fitness center to continue with the fitness regime.

Cold doesn’t mean to dodge and skip from the regular exercising routine. An intelligent planning with little precaution will not only make exercising interesting but also will teach you to stay fit in unfavorable condition.