Tips to Speed up Your Metabolism

The speed of the metabolism determines the rate at which the fat can be burned. In other words we can say that rate of metabolism is directly proportional to the fats burned. Some people burn fat faster this is due to genetic factor. Other factors like age, weight, diet, gender and exercising habits also plays a key role.  Here are some ways that you can practice to crank up the metabolism.

  • Most people skip breakfast, thinking that they will be cutting on calories. This is not true. In fact by avoiding breakfast you are slowing down the metabolism of your body. The rest of the day when you eat, the food will be stored as fat and the chances of burning them gets highly reduced.
  • Eat frequently in small portions at smaller intervals. Eating 3 large meals will not work. Aim for smaller 6 meals. Go for good high fiber carbs. By focusing on fruits, vegetables, grains one can add on to the metabolism rate.
  • Exercise with the right intensity. Go for that type of training that can boost metabolism for more hours. For persons those who cannot hold on for high intensity training can opt for relatively much simpler form of workouts like, a brisk walk, moderate jog, walking up hills, carrying a weight pack etc.
  • The muscles of the body are highly metabolically active. Weight training shoots the metabolism to three times. This not only tone and builds the muscles, strengthens them, burns the calories but also keeps the metabolic rate going even after the exercises.
  • Get the right amount of proteins from the right recourses like lean meat, fish, poultry, soy, legumes, nuts etc. Similarly the vitamins and minerals play an important role in the chemical reactions that takes place inside the body. They have to be in right quantity so that all the reactions can occur in the precise way. Multivitamin can be consumed to support metabolism and overall health.
  • By reducing intake of fats one can enhance metabolism. Fatty foods take longer time to digest. Also see that the correct type of fat is being consumed food. Saturated fats and trans fats should be avoided while polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats should be consumed in right quantities.
  • Avoid alcohol. Studies have revealed that drinking before meals causes people to consume more calories. Alcohol with food is definitely a bad idea, as the alcohol is burned first and the food is stored in the body in the form of fats. Incase of excess cravings opt for wine instead of cocktail.
  • Drink low fat or fat free milk. People who consumed yogurt, cheese and other dairy loose fats at much fates pace. The main element is calcium with other components revs up metabolism. For optimum results avoid broccoli or fortified beverages and go for pure dairy products.
    Pepper and jalapeno temporarily stimulates hormones and releases adrenaline thus the ability to burn calories is fastened. The spiciness in food makes a person feel full.
  • Apart from these, rising up early, Bikram yoga, tai chi and not eating after 7 P.M. can accelerate the metabolism rate.

For those who are seeking methods to boost up metabolism can practice the above-mentioned tips and can get maximum from it.