Top Ten Fitness Tips for Women

Any woman can be healthy and can lead a fit lifestyle. It largely depends on ones personal interest and how curious are they to lead a better everyday life.

Here are ten ways by which a woman can lead a healthy lifestyle.

  1. In the recent years studies have proved that women’s remain more inactive than men in their leisure hours. Obesity, hypertension and other ailments are the root cause of being dormant, living like a couch potato. It is recommended that at least 30-45 mins of physical activity related to home could help one in remaining energetic and dynamic. Simple chores like, gardening, taking the dog out for a walk, and using the steps instead of elevator etc. can prevent from a number of diseases.
  2. Smoking and any kind of addiction to drugs can take heavy toll on ones life. The chances of ailments and death due to these habits are extremely high. Give up smoking, doing drugs or consuming excess alcohol and see new women in you. One will observe that not only the wrinkles and stained teeth will disappear but also one will be more cheerful and full of life with an optimistic attitude.
  3. In today’s fast paced life food habits are one of the root cause of obesity and other weight problems. Increase in weight puts one at the risk related with, heart, arthritis, gallstones, diabetes etc. also by the time one realizes either it is too late or very difficult to loose extra pounds. The best option is to put a check on excessive weight and maintain the correct one.
  4. Consuming generous servings of fruits and vegetables helps one to remain fit and keep all the diseases at bay. Various trails and researches has been done and it has been proved that these are natural source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, roughage, other acids that are necessary for body. A well balanced diet is the right mantra for fitness.
  5. Alcoholic drinks and other beverages are harmful for health. They are the grounds for breast cancer, stroke, osteoporosis and lung diseases. Limit yourself to one drink.
  6. Always buy organic produce, dairy, meat. Though it comes with a price tag but it is completely safe from the chemicals, pesticides and toxins that come for free along with them. Do some research and find where you can get them. They are not only more delicious than the regular one but are secure and harmless too.
  7. Drink plenty of fluids and water. Water is the only source that flushes all the toxins out from the body. It is one of the most wonderful natural cleansing systems. The toxins are drained out in from of sweat or urine from the body, thus hydrate and replenish the body with sufficient quantity of water.
  8. Take time for yourself. Every week for 2-3 hrs take time for yourself and indulge in all those things that you would love to do. It could be hiking, cross-country biking, meditation, and yoga, things that distress you. Meditation is an immediate stress reliever. It has various positive effects as it improves memory, intelligence, energy, efficiency, and creativity, improves sleep patterns, and shuns depression and anxiety. Researches and scientific studies have proven this.
  9. Depriving you with right sleep effects one mentally as well as physically. A good night peaceful sleep is necessary for good productivity and cheerful everyday routine. At least 7-8 hrs of sleep is recommended. This will also keep diabetes and hypertension away.
  10. It is important to get annual medical examination among women. It is suggested to get mammogram done for 35+ women to ward off any chances of breast cancer. Also some of the diseases run in families. Educate yourself them and get cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar checked regularly. You know about your body well. With intelligent living and smart practices one can lead a healthy fit life.