Winter Fitness Tips And Ideas

Exercising becomes a Herculean task in winter. The chilly and frigid winters conceal one to go outside and workout and most of them have the winter blues. But working in winter can be a fun if practiced in appropriate way. Do not forget to dress in layers with your hat and mittens on and drink plenty of fluids. Choose winter games to stay away from boredom and monotonous regular exercises. Working in winter can be amusing; it all depends on individual interest and perspective to make good of extreme unfavorable condition. Here are some ways be which you can have fun while working out in winter.

  • Jogging-

    Heavy snowfall, stuck inside, its time to get out and do simple brisk walking around the neighbored. Or else you can take a few laps of your house to warm yourself. Lightweight workout while jogging is a wonderful decision, as the arms will also get worked out.

  • Snow Shoeing-

    Evade monotonous walking by trying snowshoeing. Usage of Poles helps in maintaining balance but also works out bipeds and triceps of arms. Lungs, heart, hamstrings and hip flexors are worked out if done on a modest speed by burning a good calorie of 500/hr.

  • Skiing-

    What’s the use of winter if you had stayed in the couch without any adventure? Cross-country skiing or skiing downhill can give you a rush and excitement that cannot be enjoyed by sitting at home. Wear a head protection gear with a lamp and place the sticks close together.

  • Tobogganing

    – It is a popular sport or workout among the kids, but elders can have fun to. Its better to sledge in smooth hills without any obstruction. Pump up your adrenalin while coming down and a brilliant way of workout while going uphill. Have fun and shun anxiety, tension and depression.

  • Ice Skating-

    Skating is a good way to build up endurance and strengthening muscles. A frozen lake with appropriate thickness of min 15 cms or a rink at the backyard can be used for this purpose. You have indoor skating stadiums, where you have to enroll yourself and can have all the winter fun.

  • Ice Hockey-

    A combination of skating and hockey, what a perfect way of workout for entire body. The swing action of the arms, flexes, tones and strengthens the arms, while skating benefits the legs.

  • Curling-

    Country clubs in snowy places have this facility. The low lunge augments the flexibility of the abdomen and the dynamic flouncing exercises of arms, legs and heart adds to the entire body.

  • Dog sledding-

    A best way to control and lead a pack of dogs while enjoying a snowy expedition. A thrilling, exhilarating experience that is more than a fun ride. Supervision of an instructor here becomes mandatory. It’s indeed a good way to exercise your arms.

  • Trail Horse Back Riding-

    Have pleasure while sitting on a horse and get pleasure from the sceneries of nature while trailing. The butts, legs and inner thighs are worked out. The natural landscape becomes a perfect way to hide out from the humdrum of tedious life. 

  • Snowman-

    Become a sculptor and make your own little snowman in your backyard. The entire body is worked out while rolling, packing and lifting the snowballs.

Have all the winter fun!